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Ringmat Base Platter Mat - no stud


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Get the best from your vinyl

Improve your vinyl's supportIf you use any of the Ringmat models to support your record while it is being played, you can get even better performance by using Ringmat's Base Platter Mat. A thin latex mat, the Base Platter Mat provides a better interface between the low mass Ringmat and the higher-mass turntable platter, resulting in a fuller sound with better bass performance.

  • 29.3mm (11.5")diameter
  • 0.75mm thickness

    A Base Platter Mat that has a special low resonance pattern cut out on the inside of the latex disc. The 0.75mm thick latex Base Platter Mat is to be used directly on the bare platter – any platter, provided it is flat (not concave and without ribs), including the common two-part platters that have an inner hub and outer platter, such as those used by Linn, Thorens, AR and many others.

    Ringmats used directly on top of a Base Platter Mat provide a much fuller sound, with excellent bass performance. It is not possible to provide this sort of performance by using a Ringmat on its own and it is not possible to construct a mat that achieves such a result other than in a two-part construction such as exists with the Ringmat Base Platter Mat and a Ringmat. The nature of the latex used in the Platter Mat is such that it adheres to the platter, preventing slippage. It also effectively dampens any ringing of the platter below. The low resonance pattern makes it far more effective than any other rubber-based mat.

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