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Ringmat Cheetah Feet

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Constructed from a careful selection of materials, RINGMAT FEET work in much the same way as a RINGMAT, controlling the mechanical vibrations and the effects of resonance by decoupling equipment from their support surfaces and dispersing vibrational energy into the air in and around the FEET.

Through the inclusion in each set of RINGMAT FEET of a STATFOOT, based on our STATMAT technology, the problems of electrical vibration (static and the interaction with unwanted electromagnetic fields) are also noticeably reduced. This is achieved by decoupling electromagnetic fields by breaking the contacts between the equipment and their support surfaces.

Cheetah Feet are suitable for supporting components of up to 13kg weight when used in sets of four, or up to 10.5kg when used in sets of three. They have a nominal thickness of 7.7mm and an overall diameter of 73.5mm.
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