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Technical Ground Weave Banana to UK plug


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Russ Andrews Technical Ground Weave

  • 8 woven wires for an effective ground path.
  • Kimber high purity copper
  • Superior 4mm Nickel Banana plug.
  • High quality 13A plug

Our Technical Ground Weave cable Banana to UK plug should be used in conjunction with our RF Router technology and provides a really easy way to ground via your wall socket.

The cable is ONLY connected to the Earth pin

How to use this cable

This TGW cable is designed specifically to go 'from' a Router 'to' the earth in your wall socket utilizing the earth in your mains wiring. The TGW is connected to the Earth terminal only within the 13A plug.

Read our Guide to System Grounding


8 woven wires
High Purity copper
Kimber 4mm Banana plugs
UK 13A plug
25 year Lifetime Warranty

Money Back Guarantee

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