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Torlyte Filter Platform!

The Filter Plat is designed to support our current, larger range of mains filters – the PowerPurifier and AbZorber. We’ve had good reports from customers who use our BlockPlat to support their PowerBlocks, and we’d had a few requests from customers to make a matching platform for their filters too.

The Filter Plat is 230mm wide and 270mm deep which means it is perfect for AbZorber and Power Purifier. It can also be used for the older versions of these filters – the original Purifier, SuperPurifier and later Ultra Purifier and Ultra Purifier Platinum.

If you want to use the Filter Plat on an existing rack, choose the option that’s fitted with Big Cone feet or you can place it on the floor behind your system as it’s also available with Spiked feet.

The Filter Plat is made to exactly the same specification as the standard sized platforms and are an effective way to bring the benefits of Torlyte to your Russ Andrews filters. Now in its third iteration, his result has been a fundamental redesign of the inner structure, one which honours the core Torlyte properties of lightness and rigidity, but improves on the strength and stiffness.

Where do I use a Torlyte Platform?

Torlyte Platforms were designed to bring some of the benefits of the full Torlyte Equipment Rack to those of us using conventional equipment racks – they are particularly beneficial when used with those racks with metal legs and / or glass shelves. It’s as simple as sitting the Platform underneath your component and on top of the existing shelf, and for best performance, use our Cone Feet between the component and the Torlyte Platform.


  • Lightweight, rigid wood construction
  • Designed to be used under compact Headphone Amps, DACs, preamps and phono stages
  • Dimensions: W: 230mm D: 270mm H: 50mm (including feet)
  • Available with 3 Big Cone Feet or 6mm Spikes

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