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Torlyte Shelf Unit 2


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Russ Andrews Torlyte® Shelf 2

  • Modular Torlyte® rack system
  • Lightweight, rigid wood construction
  • Shelf unit accommodates one component
  • Effective equipment coupling
  • Handmade in Cumbria

Shelf 2 has an internal height of 145mm.

Torlyte® Shelves are for use with the modular Torlyte® rack system.

The flexible design allows you to create a customised support for your Hi-Fi system.

Shelves perfectly integrate with our Torlyte® Base Units to build a rack consisting of multiple pieces of full-width equipment.

From a simple to a multi-component system, the Torlyte® rack system is all you need for perfect equipment support.

Modular system

Need more space?

No problem, a big feature of our Torlyte Rack system is the ability to easily add additional shelves or create a rack to house multiple components from the beginning.

For systems with more components, additional shelves can be purchased to support each additional component.

Rather than there being a limit on the number of shelves you can add, we suggest a maximum height for a rack of 1.5m.

For complex hifi systems, we'd recommend two seperate rack systems together.

Shelf Unit Sizes

The width and depth of each Shelf unit is the same, only the height differs. Dimensions when assembled with legs

external 540mm, internal 450mm

external 495mm, internal 450mm

Shelf 1: external 130mm, internal 105mm
Shelf 2: external 170mm, internal 145mm
Shelf 3: external 200mm, internal 175mm.


To build your Torlyte rack:

1. Choose your Base unit depending on the internal height you’d like.
2. Add any additional shelving required.

Tip. If you just have two components such as an amp and CD Player and a Base unit is all you need, consider choosing the tallest Base unit that way the CD Player is higher up and you don’t need to bend down as far.

Here are some example combinations.


Torlyte® furniture is only available in its natural wood finish. After manufacturer, it's sealed with a clear, water based lacquer. adding a layer of protection to the wood.

However if required, Torlyte® can be supplied unsealed if you plan on staining or painting your Torlyte® a different colour to match its surroundings.

But it's important to note that Torlyte® is constructed from different woods and has a number of different surfaces, great care should be taken if choosing this route as the stain can be absorbed at different rates which will result in an uneven finish.

Contact Us if you want us to supply your Torlyte unsealed.

Each shelf unit is supplied flat packed for easy home assembly and full instructions are provided.

Each Base unit consists of two pre-drilled Torlyte® boards, legs, bolts, chosen feet and assembly tool.

Mix and Match

A whole ecosystem of Torlyte® exists to support your components from individual platforms to Loudspeaker stands and Turntable support.

Base Unit 2 and Shelf 2 shown together.


Lightweight, rigid wood construction
Suitable for all hifi components
Available in three sizes
25 year Lifetime Warranty

We are often asked about the maximum weight Torlyte® can support. The bottom platform of a base unit is made extra strong with a double skinned top and if the weight is distributed evenly then it has the potential to support up to 40kgs. The top platform of a base unit can accommodate a maximum of 20kgs. Individual shelves can accommodate 15kgs each. For equipment weighing more than 8kgs, we do not recommend using cone feet point downwards.
Money Back Guarantee

Don't forget! We’re so confident in the performance of this product that it is covered by our 60 Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee. Buy the product and if you're not completely satisfied, you can return it within 2 months for a refund. For full details click here.

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