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Wattgate 320i HC 16A IEC Pack

3 out of 5

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Get the best possible connection for your mains cable with these superb plugs from WATTGATE™ featuring a large contact area and tightly locking terminals.

The WATTGATE™ 320iHC 16A IEC is the economy version of the range, featuring unplated, high pressure terminals. 16A IEC plugs are becoming more common and can be found on some equipment - particularly power amps. They are also the standard for the cables fitted to our Mains Blocks and PowerBlocks because they offer a lower resistance connection.

Don't be fooled by imitations on the market; WATTGATE™ is the original and best!

Find out more about Wattgate plugs here

Due to their design, the standard and 16A IEC plugs are not interchangeable and require a matching socket.

  • Superb high quality 16A IEC plug
  • Unique Permalock™ Contact System
  • Easy to fit (see fitting instructions, next tab), instant upgrade for power cables
  • Customer Reviews
    Overall product rating 3 / 5
    1 / 5

    reviewed by Dan Lach
    01 Sep 2017
    "What Is The Point?"
    I note you do not sell 16A fuses, so why use a 16A connector?
    Customer Service Reply Thank you for getting in touch. Some equipment - such as power amps, and indeed our PowerBlock - is fitted with 16A IEC sockets. These need the matching 16A plugs to fit, which is why we offer them (conventional IEC sockets are a different shape and will not fit). We fit 13A fuses into the mains plugs as these are the correct rating for the cable. There’s no such thing as a 16A plug fuse.
    5 / 5

    reviewed by anonymous
    18 May 2017
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Excellent Product"
    Excellent product, but the instructions for preparing the wires were not clear (poor printing, I think).
    Customer Service Reply Thank you for your review. We're sorry that there was a problem with the printed instructions - we'll be in touch to help.