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What Hi-Fi? X6 review

Tuesday, 15th September 2015

What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine gave an unreserved Five-Star award to our X6 Block in their September 2015 edition.

"By allowing your electronics to give their best, this mains block is worth every penny"

In a group test of mains blocks the X6 excelled with the observation that "it allows your kit to be as revealing as it's capable of being, allowing an underlying smoothness to the presentation which only becomes more appealing over time".

When it comes to the optimum performance of your system, your mains block can have a marked effect. In the review, What Hi-Fi note that "the idea of a mains block to eliminate [mains] noise and allow your expensive, painstakingly tuned and selected equipment to operate without electrical interference can only be a good thing".

Russ Andrews X6 Block

It's not surprising then that, once fitting the superb X6 Block, the impact on performance was clear to hear:

"The enhanced performance is tangible, with impeccable timing and smooth integration, allied to an expansive soundstage and rigorous stereo focus."

They quickly discovered that the X6 Block was adept whatever source material they played too, finding that it makes for "a more revealing and seamlessly integrated listen". The effects are there too when listening to poorer quality recordings and they note that there is "a sense of absolute fidelity where even the most processed sounds are concerned".

Summing up, they couldn't find anything to say against it, concluding: "By allowing your electronics to give their best, this mains block is worth every penny".

N.B. X-Blocks are available with 2, 4, 6 or 8 sockets

What HiFi logo

Magazine: What Hi-Fi
Issue: September 2015
Verdict: 5 stars 

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