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Wonder Solder LEAD FREE 3m Pack


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Wonder Solder – LEAD FREE

Make no mistake, the quality of your soldered connections are as important as any other link in your audio chain.

Wonder Solder is the only solder used by Russ Andrews; in our view it is the best there is. Compared to other solders, Wonder Solder melts sooner, flowing instantly into the joint. The result is superior adhesion and fusion and each joint takes far less time than other solders.

Wonder Solder creates a solder joint with fewer impurities, such as oxides which distort and degrade the music signal. Two versions of Wonder Solder are available - leaded and lead-free.


Wonder Solder Lead Free features a special, low melting temperature formula. With a minimum melting temperature of 220 ºC. However we recommend a much higher temperature of 450 ºC since this helps the solder to flow faster, clean the joint better, and create a better sounding joint.


Since the introduction of the RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) directive in July 2006, the use of lead - specifically lead content solder within electrical and electronic equipment - has been banned.

However the RoHS directive only applies to the producer of electrcial/electronic components: in other words, a manufacturer or seller or importer/exporter of electrical/electronic components.

So for home users, the RoHS directive doesn't apply. On this basis, we highly recommend Wonder Solder leaded, for a superior connection. Leaded Wonder Solder melts faster, flows better and creates a perfect, maintenance-free joint every time. A result which ultimately gives better sound quality.

If you're repairing, upgrading or refurbishing a piece of electrical equipment manufactured after July 2006 then we would recommend Wonder Solder lead-free to keep continuity with the type of solder. Mixing leaded and lead-free solder can lead to a poor joint, prone to accelerated failure.

TIP - When repairing or modifying existing joints, thoroughly remove all of the original solder before using leaded Wonder Solder.

LEAD FREE Specifications

16 Gauge - 1.2mm thick
Special formula, low melting temperature
Supplied in 3 metre pack
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