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X2 Block review

Sunday, 4th November 2012

A short review of the X2 Block from Hi-Fi Choice magazine
Russ Andrews X-Block

A small part with a big impact

In this concise review, Hi-Fi Choice begin by noting that the X2 is designed specifically for those with a minimum system - a simple Turntable and amp set-up for example.

In some ways this has become an even more relevent product over recent years, with the advent of more 'one-box' systems and amps which combine DAC and streamer modules. I digress...

The point is that the X2 is rare in its compactness, making it especially useful for those who want to keep mess to a minimum which not compromising on quality (the other X-Blocks in the range offer exactly the same performance for those with bigger systems, offering 4, 6 and 8 sockets).

X-Block internal

All X-Blocks feature "high performance, high contact pressure mains sockets, fully nickel-plated contacts and each sockest is independently wired with kimber TCX cable as standard".

The reviewer notes that the level of perfomance will always depend upon the level of mains noise present in the specific location. Time was, that there were some lucky ones who were not too troubled by mains noise but, with the advancement of 'connected-technology' and the proliferation of noisy electrical devices in the home, such locations are now few and far between.

In the reviewer's circumstances, he reports that the X2 "worked very effectively, giving a smoother and more relaxed sound".

Hi-Fi Choice Recommened
Magazine: Hi-Fi Choice
Issue: November 2012
Verdict: 4.5 stars, recommended  

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