The Supplier PSU

Used by Chris Kimsey

Supplier psu

We've updated our range of equipment power supplies to offer you the very best performance for your system. We offer two versions; The Supplier DC™ and The Supplier AC™.

The Supplier features casework of similar design to our PowerPurifier™ and AbZorber™. This means that we've been able to uprate the output socket on the back of the unit to a more robust design; the socket is an XLR type which gives a better connection.

Where would I use The Supplier?

Over the last few years, there has been asubstantial increase in the number of components requiring separate standalone power supplies, with many turntables, DACs, streamers and so on using them. The Russ Andrews Supplier is perfect for replacing these supplies - under tests in our systems the sound was smoother, more detailed with deeper bass - and with much more of a sense of the musical message. Incorporating The Supplier in your system is really easy and should be a straight swap for your existing power supply. 

The Supplier DC.

The Supplier DC features our high performance Russ Andrews Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) which incorporates Kimber Kap and Panasonic audio grade capacitors and also uses Kimber Kable internal wiring to link the input and output sockets to the power supply. For good measure, our Silencer mains filter is used to reduce mains noise.

Key Features

1. High performance Russ Andrews Switch Mode Power Supply.
2. High-gloss acrylic faceplate with LED power indicator.
3. UL-approved custom casework.
4. IEC mains input socket for your choice of power cable (we recommend YellO Power or one of our PowerKords).
5. 3 pin XLR socket for connecting DC link cable (25cm link cable supplied, longer lengths available).
6. Rated at 60W.
Supplier Link Cable7. Suitable for use with input voltages between 90V and 260V AC - can be used worldwide.
8. Six models available, supplying 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 19V or 24V DC.
9. Other voltages available to special order.
10. Dimensions: W 150mm x H 53mm x D 210mm.

About our Switch Mode Power Supplies

We introduced our upgraded Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) in 2003 and they've been very popular with customers since then for a wide variety of Hi-Fi uses - DACs, turntables and streamers to name a few. A few people have asked us why we've used the compact SMPS instead of the larger linear supplies. Russ told us:

"back in 2003, I conducted extensive research to compare the sound performance of as many linear power supplies and SMPS as I could find. The results were surprising: linear power supplies did not all perform better than SMPS contrary to my expectations, and one SMPS sounded markedly better than all of the power supplies in my tests.

It's a bigger version of this power supply that forms the basis of The Supplier - with my modifications and Kimber internal wiring. If you have reservations against using switch mode power supplies, I encourage you to listen to ours. It's clearly the best sounding power supply I've heard."

The Supplier AC.

Switch mode power supplies cannot be used for AC applications so, unlike the DC version, the Supplier AC is based around a precision rack-wound transformer, custom made for us, to our specifications, by respected specialist manufacturer Paul Houlden. The Supplier AC is available in 12V, 16V and 24V AC output, all capable of delivering up to 1000mA, and two versions are available - one for a 230V mains supply (as in the UK and Europe) and one for 110/115V (as in the USA).

Key Features

1. Extremely high performance 1 Amp Russ Andrews AC power supply.
2. High-gloss acrylic faceplate with LED power indicator.
3. UL-approved custom casework.
4. IEC mains input socket for your choice of power cable (we recommend YellO Power or one of our PowerKords).
5. 3 pin XLR socket for connecting AC link cable (1m cable supplied as standard). 
Features precision rack-wound transformer.
7. Double insulated grade 2 copper on silicon steel.
8. 110/115V and 230V input voltage versions.
9. 12V, 16V or 24V AC output.
10. Fitted with Silencer mains filter
11. Dimensions: W 150mm x H 53mm x D 210mm.
Choosing the correct power supply for your equipment

We have built up an extensive power supply database which tells us what voltage power supply is needed for a particular piece of equipment and what size plug (and polarity for DC) is needed to fit it. This means that we can build a dedicated supply for your equipment. See below for a full list of current manufacturers and equipment we can supply.


At the time of writing, we produce The Supplier for the components below. Don't despair if you have equipment from a manufacturer or component that isn't listed; we are constantly adding to the list and the chances are that we will be able to make a power supply for your kit. Just call us on 01539 797300 and we can check for you. When doing so, it's useful if you have the power supply to hand as we may need to ask you a few questions about it.

Click on the name of your component below to go to the appropriate Supplier™.

Antelope                  Zodiac Plus

Arcam                       irDAC
Beresford                Caiman
                                   Caiman MKII

Brennan                   JB7
                                   B2 and B3

BT Home Hub         Home Hub 3
                                   Home Hub 4
                                   Home Hub 5
                                   Home Hub 6
Cambridge Audio  DacMagic 100 Chord                        Hugo
                                   Hugo 2
                                   Qutest DAC Clear Audio            Concept Creek                        OBH-21 Dynavector             P75 Mk. I Graham Slee           Solo Ultra-Linear DE Humax                     FVP-4000T Innuos                      Wave Music Lehmann Audio     Rhinelander Logitech                   Squeezebox
M2Tech                    Young DAC Melco                        N100

Meridian                  MC200
Moon                        110LP V2
Musical Fidelity     V-DAC MK. 1 and 2 Mytek                       Brooklyn DAC

Naim                         UnitiServe
Onkyo                       ND-S1


Turntables              The Classic Turntable
                                   Debut Carbon
                                   Debut Carbon Esprit SB (DC)                                       
                                   RPM 1 Carbon
Phono Stages         Pre Box DS
Rega                         RP1
        Planar 3 2016
        Fono MC
        Fono MM
        NEO TTPSU

Roksan                          Attessa Turntable

Rupert Neve            RNHP

Sony                        HX500 USB Turntable

Tivoli Audio             Model 1