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Clarity 2.0 review

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Clarity Pro 2.0

  • Field generator
  • Coherence Technology™
  • Fully user adjustable
  • Brand new circuit design

The new Clarity Pro 2.0 is one of a family of products termed ‘field generators’. Not a mains filter or conditioner, these field generators are designed to sit close to your system and radiate a pre-programmed field to reduce the effect of stray electromagnetic fields. We’ve been big fans of these since Russ first heard the original QRT Quantum Symphony at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2006, and we added it to the range later that year.

Fast forward a number of years, QRT was then replaced by an a new, updated and more effective design - this time produced in conjunction with ourselves - the hugely successful Clarity Pro. Component supply shortages, however, led to a break in production that saw us re-introducing an update on the original Quantum Symphony, the new Symphony and Symphony Pro.

Last year, however, the core designers of the Clarity Pro contacted us to say that they were working on prototypes for a new generation of field stabilisers. They had designed a new circuit and made changes to the internal software that, they told us, resulted in a stronger, more powerful unit. We were intrigued and worked with them on the design (we were involved at this prototyping stage), to fine tune the circuit.

The new design of the circuit board is a little larger than the original Clarity Pro, so we manufactured a new, custom-designed ABS case. Clarity Pro 2.0 is powered by a separate power supply – a ‘wall-wart’ type, 12V DC supply is included or, for best performance, Clarity Pro 2.0 can be supplied with one of our Supplier DC power supplies.

Clarity Pro 2.0 in use

Using the new Clarity Pro 2.0 couldn’t be easier. It’s designed to work in conjunction with any existing mains filters – it doesn’t replace them.

The key to using it is its position. Ideally, sit it close to your components – a spare shelf on your Hi-Fi rack is ideal, but it can also be put on top of components if there’s room. There’s no harm in positioning it behind or just to the side of your rack if there isn’t room on your shelves.

A single control knob is provided on the front of the unit to adjust the strength of the effect. The pattern and duration of the field is preprogrammed, use the area control to set its strength.

We found that one Clarity Pro 2.0 is sufficient for almost all systems – unlike the older Clarity Pro, there’s no additional benefit to be had from using more than one unit.

Advanced Features

There is a comprehensive number of adjustable parameters available to fine tune the Clarity Pro 2.0. As well as the obvious external Area Control knob, there is also a bank of internal dip swiches which allow you tune your Clarity Pro 2.0 to your personal taste.

About the technology

Not a mains filter or enhancer, the Clarity Pro 2.0 is a field generator that has the effect of stabilising electromagnetic fields. The designers explain that it does this via their proprietary Coherence Technology™ modules – these are the components that generate the field in a specific pattern and duration. The strength of the field generated can be adjusted with the control on the front of the unit.

Overall Impressions

The Clarity units have the subjective effect of ‘calming’ the overall musical presentation and the new Clarity Pro 2.0 is no exception.

On receiving the first prototype, Russ thought it a major improvement over the older Clarity Pro and Symphony models. As well as providing a calmer atmosphere, meaning that the music is more relaxing and enjoyable to listen to, he found that the improvements to the musicality – the increased appreciation of rhythm and timing – are what really stood out.

Another benefit was with recordings that had previously sounded ‘fierce’, making them less harsh and, again, more enjoyable to listen to.

While the Area Control can be adjusted once and left, Russ found that some recordings benefited from a stronger field (i.e. they benefited from being ‘turned up’), while others sounded best with it turned down. Trust your ears – if it sounds better, then it is better!
What’s in the box?

With the Standard version, everything you need is in the box

  • Clarity Pro 2.0
  • Standard 12v power supply
  • User instructions
  • Casework Allen key

Improve performance even further.

Upgrade the standard version psu with The Supplier for an audiophile-quality power supply, tailored specifically for the Clarity Pro 2.0. The Supplier DC™ utilises an extremely high-performance, upgraded switched mode power supply, Kimber Kable™ internal wiring and Silencer™ mains filtration.
Find out more about the Clarity Pro 2.0 with Supplier DC here.


Coherence Technology™
Front mounted knob / Internal dip switches
Robust, 2 pin DC socket with locking collar
Soft, green front mounted LED
Casework material
Impact and fire resistant ABS case
Power Input
Requires 12v, 1.5A minimum, Included adapter: 12v, 1.5A
Dimensions and weight
Width: 152mm Depth: 232mm (includes socket and front knob) Height: 55mm Weight: 500g (excludes power supply)

Money Back Guarantee

Don't forget! We are so confident in the performance of this product that it is covered by our 60 Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee. Buy the product and if you're not completely satisfied, you can return it within 2 months for a refund. For full details click here.


"the soundstage is wider and deeper, and music presentation is more refined and effortless"

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