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DeoxIT GOLD GP5S-6 Pump Spray contact enhancer


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DeoxIT® GP5 Gold is perfect for cleaning plated contacts. In your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system that means the connectors on the end of your interconnects and speaker cables. DeoxIT® GN5 Gold™ penetrates through the plating to seal the base metal and stop corrosion building up, which means a sweeter a more natural sound for you. Use it on your Home Cinema system and pictures will be clearer too.

DeoxIT GP5 Gold is suitable for worldwide shipping.


  • Clean and protect all plated contacts
  • Specially designed to clean, protect and lubricate gold and silver plated contacts
  • Molecularly bonds to seal and protect
  • Large size, 150ml tin
  • Suitable for all plated (gold/silver etc.) contacts
  • 25% concentrate
  • Eco friendly pump dispenser
  • Non-pressurised
  • Non-flammable
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