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DeoxIT needle dispenser 100% concentrate


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DeoxIT® is perfect to clean surface oxides from mains plugs; interconnect and speaker cable connectors; and moving parts such as volume controls. You only need to use the tiniest amount, so this quantity will keep your system in tip-top condition for years.

DeoxIT has many uses. Here's just a few of the things that will benefit from cleaning with DeoxIT:

  • Switches
  • Volume controls
  • Cable plugs and sockets
  • Battery terminals
  • Circuit boards
  • Memory card contacts
  • Mixing desk sliders


  • Clean and protect plated connectors with absolute precision
  • Needle applicator allows precise application
  • Suitable for all metal contacts
  • Each bottle contains 25ml
  • Powerful 100% concentration
  • Non-flammable
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