The Evolution-100 PowerKord™

The Evolution-100 PowerKord™ represents the start of our famous PowerKord range of mains cables - yet sits as a superb performing cable in its own right. The unique woven construction is utilised across the entire range of mains cables we offer, right up to the ultimate high-end SuperKord-500™!

Whether you are new to the joys of Hi-Fi or are a veteran enthusiast, the benefits of an Evolution-100 can be enjoyed by all. We recommend starting with the cable feeding your mains source - for example, your CD player, streamer, turntable, or even a Blu-ray player. From there, upgrade your preamp or integrated amp next and finally, your power amp.

This is a just guide and not a hard-and-fast-rule; remember, replacing any of your out-of-the-box mains cables with a Evolution-100 is going to be beneficial for your system.

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