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GQ Headphone Extension Cable

Friday, 8th July 2022

Sitting too far away from your headphone amp? Our GQ Headphone Extension could be just the thing you need - check out this review from Hi-Fi Choice magazine

Russ Andrews GQ Headphone Extension Cable

Normally, when a review of one of our products is published, we look forward to a positive outcome; that the item makes a clear difference to the listener’s enjoyment. Thankfully, that always tends to be the case. In the case of the GQ Headphone Extension cable, however, we were more than pleased to read that the reviewer was “unable to tell any difference in the audio quality” having used the cable. In this case, that’s great news, because the extension is being added into the signal path so, ideally, you want it to have as little effect on the sound as possible.
Hi-Fi Choice magazine July 2022
The cable itself is available in “any one of four termination options to accommodate either size of plug and socket at each end” – that’s ¼” and 3.5mm jacks and sockets e.g. ¼” jack to 3.5mm socket – ensuring all eventualities are covered. The reviewer also praises the quality of the connectors, noting that they “are very well made and offer good, firm connections to [his] amplifier and headphones”.

For the listening test, he uses a pair of Sennheiser HD 800sstarting with a recording of Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No.2 and is impressed that, with the extension connected, “the performance [remains] crystal clear while the piano is never swamped by the orchestra, even during the loud crescendos”. To prove the point, he removes the cable and listens again, confirming his initial judgement that there was no discernible difference with and without the GQ extension.

Moving onto Pink Floyd and Money from their classic Dark Side of the Moon album, he is equally impressed, reporting that the track is “reproduced beautifully” and “nothing is lost from the sound when the extension cable is fitted”.

In conclusion, he suggests that the cable is: 

“a great-value and high-quality solution that will suit a wide range of different headphones”.

Hi-Fi Choice logo

Magazine: Hi-Fi Choice
Issue: July 2022
Verdict: 5 Stars Recommended

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