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Hi-Fi+ 25th Anniversary Award for Kimber 8PR & 4PR

Wednesday, 1st May 2024

Following their sucess in the annual Hi-Fi+ Awards round-up back in December 2023, KIMBER KABLE® 8PR and 4PR speaker cables win a second award in the 25th Anniversary edition of the magazine.
Hi-Fi Plus 25th Anniversary issue
This time, the cables are given a 25th Anniversary, Editor’s Choice: Winner Award in the Loudspeaker Cable category.

Beginning with 4PR, they reiterate that the cable “offers a dynamic and energetic sound with excellent bass” and note that the step-up to 8PR brings even better bass performance, expanding "the soundstage, and [adding] a touch of refinement”.

Despite the fact that ‘PRs‘ sit at the beginning of the KIMBER KABLE
® range, Hi-Fi+  - a publication which tends to feature the high-end of the audio market  - note that they are nevertheless “highly regarded in the audio world”. This reflects the fact that, 'entry-level’ or not, these two cables can still be found in some very esoteric audiophile systems, such is their unique character and performance.

Hi-Fi+ 25th Anniversary Edition Winner Award

Magazine: Hi-Fi+
Issue: 25th Anniversary Edition, April 2024
Verdict: Winner, Loudspeaker Cables




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