Torlyte Base Units
At the heart of every Torlyte Rack System is the Torlyte Base Unit. A Base Unit can support 2 pieces of kit and if you have a very simple system - consisting of just a CD player (or turntable) and an amplifier, for example - a Torlyte Base Unit is all you need. Base Units come in three sizes – choose the largest size if you have a tall amplifier, for example.

Base Units consist of two elements - the Base Unit Set (the Torlyte top and bottom boards), and the Base Unit Leg Kit. To buy a Torlyte Base Unit, select the Base Unit Set, then choose the size of Base Unit Leg Kit to go with it. A complete Torlyte Base Unit must consist of a Base Unit Set and a Base Unit Leg Kit. If your circumstances change and you need longer (or shorter) Base Unit Legs, simply buy a new Base Unit Leg Kit.

Torlyte Base Units can be bought here.

Torlyte Shelves
Torlyte Shelves can be purchased to support  additional equipment. To buy a shelf, choose a Shelf Set and then select the size of Shelf Leg Kit to suit your equipment.

As your system grows, so can your stand... simply add as many shelves as you need. For best results, use our wooden Cone Feet between your Hi-Fi components and the Torlyte Shelves they are sitting on.

Torlyte Shelves can be bought here.

Some examples of Torlyte Rack configurations: