SuperClamps and MegaClamps.

We offer two types of spike and surge filter; SuperClamp and MegaClamp. 
They are available as stand-alone devices - such as the SuperClamp plug - and SuperClamps can also be incorporated into our power cables, mains filters and extensions. 

MegaClamp is a very powerful unit which, under normal circumstances, should never need replacing to remain effective (though we do recommend replacement if you have had a major spike or surge such as a lightning strike).

SuperClamp components, on the other hand, work a bit like a crumple zone on a car - they partly absorb energy by micro-degradation. Whereas modern car crumple zones normally collapse on a single impact, SuperClamp components are designed to deminish over a long period of time; this is why we recommend replacement every 5-6 years to maintain your SuperClamp's performance.

SuperClamps are available in the following forms:
The cost for replacement of your SuperClamp varies according to the product - contact us on 01539 797300 or email for the current renewal cost for your product/s.
How to renew your SuperClamp.

The following information about replacement applies equally whether your 'clamp is a stand-alone device or built into another product.

Renewing your SuperClamp is easy when you follow these steps:
  1. 1. Phone us on 01539 797300 or email so we can book in your replacement and give you a returns number (RMA number).
  3. 2. Pack up the products you wish to be updated securely and send them to: Russ Andrews Accessories Ltd, 2b Moreland Court, Westmorland Business Park, Kendal, LA9 6NS. Please include a covering letter including your RMA number.
  5. 3. We normally turn around a SuperClamp replacement in a maximum of 5 working days - ask us at the time and we'll usually be able to give you a more specific timescale.
  7. 4. Once the work is complete, we will return the SuperClamp to you.

Do I need to replace the SuperClamps in my cables, extensions and filters?

We offer SuperClamp as an option in a number of other products, such as Evolution PowerKords, XBlocks, Power Purifier and Silencer filters.  Just like the stand-alone units, these
 will need renewing to remain effective. However, keep in mind that the age of the SuperClamp element has no effect on the rest of the performance of the product itself - it's an added benefit which it worthwhile but takes nothing else away when it becomes ineffective. So, for example, you can use the Silencer without the SuperClamp element; you just won't have the additional benefits of the SuperClamp.

What happens if I don't replace my SuperClamp?

The short answer is; nothing. The SuperClamp componets will become less effective, so you won't be getting the benefit, but there are no other 'side-effects', so don't worry if you suddenly realise that your SuperClamp has been plugged in for 8 years because it won't have done any harm!

Any more questions?

If there's anything else you'd like to know about replacing your SuperClamp components, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by phone on 01539 797300 or by email on