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ReVeel and ReleeS pack

5 out of 5

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CD and DVD cleaner and enhancer

  • Box of ReVeel containing 20 sachets
  • 50ml bottle of ReleeS
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth included
  • Enough for cleaning over 100 discs
  • Saves money on buying the items separately

    Our Opinion (What's this?)
    ReVeel and ReleeS are CD and DVD enhancers that in our opinion let you experience the full performance from your discs. Use them together and you'll hear an even more detailed and natural sound, with better pictures from your DVDs, too.
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    Customer Reviews
    Overall product rating 5 / 5
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Tony Newman
    03 Feb 2019
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Omg I Love This Combo ."
    Having had these products for years but only using them on CDs to great effect . I thought maybe time to clean some blu rays , the weather has been very and a good afternoon to see what happens , get those discs cleaned , very impressive results .
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Dean Jordan
    04 Oct 2018
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Never Play Discs Without It!"
    This ought to be a manditory process for anyone who uses any form of optical disc playback.

    Works superbly on CD, DVD, Bluray and 4K discs.
    Use the Reveel to perfectly clean the playback surface (tip, if you wet the cloth a little first you can get more discs cleaned!) then use the Relees spray on the tops and the case inside....static free!

    It really does make a difference, sometimes radical, less errors in playback and ripping audio or movies, better delivery of sound and image, anything treated with relees and reveel seems to have a real boost compared to untreated discs. Even 4K movies seem to benefit.

    Also use the relees spray to clean the equipment tray on the CD/DVD/BD/PC.

    If you are in doubt....clean your windows, do you have a better view?

    Try it.
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Vic Brash
    27 Sep 2018
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Using Reveel Products"
    I have been a champion for well over a decade now & have used these in conjunction an Ultrasonic cleaner also supplieed by them. Recently I have now moved on to 4k discs & always use them.

    I found my copr of 'Wonderwoman' stil locked up & exchanged it for a relacement, which had the same fault. So redoubled the cleaning of the disc & cleaning regime. Problem solved. So very recently was watching 'Avengers Infinity Wars' in 4k & it locked up at the ginning of track 10. I could not get my OPPO 205 to skip past it!

    So once again recleaned it with some extend vigor & doubled the time in the Ultrasonic cleaner & lo and behold all was well,what a wonderful product!
    5 / 5

    reviewed by Stephen Lythgoe
    13 Sep 2016
    Yes, I recommend this product.
    "Diy Remastering!"
    I was only looking for a CD cleaner, but despite being a little sceptical, I have to admit that Reveel/Relees is so much more.

    Bass, soundstage, timing, space around instruments are all MUCH better... like a well-done remastering job.

    Effective on old original CDs that never sounded that good, as well as audiophile specials.

    The process is easy and quick.

    Great results whether playing CDs direct or ripping as Flacs.

    Treated CDs used with the Statmat I bought at the same time.

    Excellent products, I am very happy and recommend unreservedly.

    Stephen Lythgoe.