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Russ's Recommendations

Monday, 21st October 2019

Russ has put together his selection of products which he feels offer particularly good value for money – they are not necessarily the top-of-the-range but they do mark particular sweet spots in the range.

Russ's Recommendations

Simplifying the range

Have you tried buying a coffee recently? Nightmare isn’t it? Filter, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Skinny Latte, Flat White, Cortado … the list goes on. Life seemed so much simpler when all you had to do was ask for ‘a coffee’: the problem was, that probably meant a pretty awful cup of instant.

Choice is good, it gives us more options … but it can also complicate things. Over the 33 years that Russ Andrews Accessories has been in business, our own range has expanded considerably. This is because we have researched and developed many new ways to improve the performance of your systems, and that’s definitely a good thing. At the same time, we do appreciate that the range we offer can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Making it easier

This article is an attempt to address this. I have looked at the whole range of products we offer – from mains cables to filters, interconnects and speaker cables – and selected those that I believe stand out as particularly good value within the range. If you haven’t upgraded any of your cables so far, the ones I’ve included here are the ones to start with.

In most cases I’ve chosen three or four cables, each of which occupies a particular position in terms of price and performance. This makes it easy to choose a cable that’s suitable for your system set-up and budget.

The Sweet Spot logoIt’s important to note that in almost all cases there are cables and accessories higher in the range that offer even more improvements. The ones I’ve chosen, however, occupy a ‘sweet spot’ in terms of performance and price, with a very high ‘sound per pound’ ratio and offer a simple way to achieve better sound from your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema set-up.


Russ Andrews Catalogue

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Russ's Recommendations:



Russ's RecommendationsMAINS CABLES

We always advise to upgrade your power cables first. Start with the cable feeding your main source - such as turntable, CD player, streamer, etc. - and then move on to your preamp and power amp.

The three mains cables Russ has picked out here offer something for every budget – our general advice is to go for the best you can afford at the time but keep in mind our Upgrade Scheme which allows you to trade-in and move up the range.


Russ Andrews Evolution-500 PowerKord™

Evolution-500 PowerKrodThe top of the Evolution range is a superb performer on any piece of equipment. Power amps in particular will benefit from those 24 conductors, but the extra-complex weave also adds unrivalled finesse to any component. I'd also fit a SuperFuse to it - at this level of cable, it's a no-brainer.
  • 24, hyper-pure copper conductors, individually insulated with fluorocarbon.
  • Unique Kimber woven cable geometry for effective interference rejection.
  • Helically wound, low induced noise earth
  • Audio Quality Rhodium plated mains plug and Wattgate 350 EVO RH IEC

Russ Andrews YellOPower™

YellO PowerYello Power is a major step up in performance from the standard cable that comes with your equipment and as such represents a veritable bargain. I recommend this to those who are just starting to investigate the potential of mains purification - it's the perfect 'toe-in-the-water' product.
  • 8, high purity copper conductors individually insulated with PVC
  • Kimber's unique woven cable geometry for effective interference rejection
  • High quality mains and IEC plug

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Russ Andrews Evolution-300 PowerKord™

Evolution-300 PowerKordEvolution-300 is another real sweet spot in the range; you're getting Kimber's best copper and insulation, twice as many conductors as the Evolution-100, and the new AQ mains plug. All of these combine to make a really impressive-performing power cable that will entice the music out of any level of kit.
  • 16, hyper-pure copper conductors, individually insulated with fluorocarbon
  • Unique Kimber woven cable geometry for effective interference rejection
  • Helically wound, low induced noise earth
  • Audio Quality mains plug and Wattgate 320 EVO IEC

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Russ Andrews SuperFuses™

Russ Andrews SuperFusesIf you still need to be convinced that mains quality can have a profound effect on the performance of your system, you have to try one of these! SuperFuses are a simple upgrade to any mains cable (not just our Russ Andrews power cables), sounding clean, clear and musical. 13A is the correct value of fuse to fit to Russ Andrews power cables - but 10A and 5A versions are available for other manufacturers' cables that need a lower fuse rating.
  • Replacement 13A mains plug fuse makes it easy to upgrade power cables
  • Features a specially-developed version of our Super Burn-in treatment
  • Includes DeoxIT Gold wipe for treating end caps before fitting

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Mains ExtensionsRuss's Recommendations

Most of us need to use a mains extension to power our system - it's a necessity but also an advantage; your system will actually perform better when all the components are 'star-powered' from one point! That's good news, so long as your extension is optimised for the job and not restricting performance. The X6 Block Russ has chosen here is the perfect choice for any level of system.

Russ Andrews X6 Block™ MKII

Russ Andrews X-BlockThe X6 - or any of the 'X' series extensions - is a real stand-out product in the range. The use of UltraSockets alone make this fabulous value for money - if you bought six of these separately, they'd cost nearly £100 more than the whole block! And that's even before you include the high-quality ABS casework, the Silencer mains filter or the Kimber TCX internal wiring...
  • UltraSocket™ outlets, treated with DeoxIT
  • Wired with Kimber TCX cable
  • Incorporates Silencer™ mains filter and SuperClamp™ for mains noise reduction

More >

Partner it with...
Russ Andrews Evolution-100 PowerKord™.
Use the Evolution-100 to connect your X6 Block to the wall socket and benefit from the RFI rejection of the woven cable's design. The Evolution-100 PowerKord and X-Block is the most popular combination, but fit the Evolution-300 or -500 for even better sound quality.
  • 8, hyper-pure copper conductors, individually insulated with fluorocarbon
  • Unique wide-format Kimber woven cable geometry for effective interference rejection
  • High performance plug with WattGate 320 EVO IEC

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Mains Filters.Russ's Recommendations

Our mains filters are high-performance 'parallel' designs, which bring all the advantages of cleaning the mains without restricting performance (many of the more usual 'in-line' designs can constrict performance by increasing impedance).

Russ Andrews Mini Purifier™.

Russ Andrews Mini PurifierMini Purifier is an excellent starting point as it filters out mains noise over a wide frequency range - in essence, it's a great choice for reducing general noise on the mains. I always recommend this as a 'first stop' because it's pretty well guaranteed to bring benefits whatever your situation.
  • Highly effective 'wide-band' parallel mains filtration
  • Integral SuperClamp provides protection from spikes and surges
  • Compact, effective design, suitable for small or large Hi-Fi or Home Cinema systems
  • MegaClamp™ option offers greater protection

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Russ Andrews Mains Zapperator™.

Russ Andrews Mains ZapperatorI highly recommend this filter for anyone, but especially for those living in urban areas. In towns and cities you are likely to be receiving a dozen or more Wi-Fi networks from surrounding properties - effective filtering of these high frequency networks is key if you want to hear the best from your system.
  • Designed to deal specifically with very high frequency noise such as that generated by wireless computer networks
  • Can be used close to your system or close to causes of noise e.g. next to your Wi-Fi router

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Russ Andrews Power Purifier™.

Russ Andrews Power PurifierIf you are really serious about mains quality, I highly recommend starting with the Power Purifier. In its standard 'Classic' form it comes with our very best - and very powerful - wide-band mains conditioner which is a huge benefit in its own right. But the real 'ace-up-the-sleeve' of this product is its flexibility; by allowing you to fit our MegaClamp surge protection, Mains zapperator filter and up to four Clarity Mains units within the single enclosure, the Power Purifier allows you to have a multi-capacity mains filtration hub that only requires a single mains outlet.
  • Powerful mains filter for both common and differential-mode mains interference
  • User friendly, upgradeable modular design
  • Fit up to six additional filters to address other forms of mains pollution
  • Partner it with yellO Power or Evolution-100 mains cables - see above for more information.

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Analogue Interconnects.Russ's Recommendations

Analogue interconnects are those used between sources such as CD players, streamers and DACS and your preamp or integrated amp. The models here all benefit from Kimber's unique woven cable design to bring a natural, musical sound from your system, and Russ has selected cables from right across the range so there's something for every budget.

Kimber Select KS-1016™.

Kimber KS-1016KS-1016 is made with Kimber's Select copper which is the finest purity with the best insulation. Coupled with the spaced and damped cable geometry, KS-1016 has an incredible sense of the space a recording was made in - instruments and voices are clearly placed in the soundstage in front of you. This is the very best of my chosen interconnects and gets my strongest recommendation.
  • 6 Hyper-pure, molecularly optimised copper conductors with V-fluorocarbon insulation
  • Orthogonal braid woven around X38R core compound
  • WBT-0102 Cu nextgen RCA phono plugs

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Kimber KCAG™.

Kimber KCAGKimber's pure silver cables are legendary for their clarity and naturalness, with no edge or harshness sometimes ascribed to other manufacturers' silver cables. KCAG is the first all-silver analogue interconnect utilising their proven tri-braid geometry. KCAG is a standout interconnect: I guarantee you'll love the sweet and smooth sound.
  •  3 Hyper-pure silver conductors
  • Fluorocarbon insulation
  • KIMBER UltraPlate™ RCA phono plugs

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Kimber Hero Cu™.

Kimber Hero CuAnother stand-out interconnect in Kimber's range is Hero-Cu: copper conductors like the Timbre but four of them rather than three make for a more complex weave. It's this 4-wire braid that rejects even more noise, making the sound more open and dynamic, with lots of rhythmic drive. A winner!
  • 4 Hyper-pure copper conductors
  • Fluorocarbon insulation
  • KIMBER UltraPlate™ RCA phono plugs
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Kimber Timbre™.

Kimber TimbreTimbre sits close to the start of Kimber's range of analogue interconnects but works beautifully with any level of system - from modest to high end. It delivers a sound that is clean, clear and really gets to the heart of your music.
  • 3 Hyper-pure copper conductors
  • Fluorocarbon insulation
  • KIMBER UltraPlate™ RCA phono plugs
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Digital interconnects.Russ's Recommendations

Russ has selected a range of digital interconnects here, covering a wide range of applications including visual and audio. Each is picked out for offering particularly good performance for its given price-point and to cover a wide range of applications.

Kimber Select KS-USB Cu™.

Kimber Select USB CuKimber's new Select USB cables are, for me, the pinnacle of USB cable design. The all-copper KS USB-Cu is hand-built at Kimber's factory and is the perfect partner for any well-designed, mid-range or high-end USB DAC. If you are really serious about the performance of your digital set-up this is a must-have component and comes with my strongest recommendation to deliver an engaging, musical performance.
  • Data conductors feature advanced silver plated copper with low density PTFE insulation
  • Pure silver foil shielding for low RF impedance to ground
  • Pure copper conductors used for 5V DC line

More >

Kimber D-60™.

Kimber D60If your CD transport or streamer and DAC support digital coax connections, Kimber's D60 is my pick of their digital interconnects. It uses their superior silver conductors along with an innovative shielding arrangement and the improvements in sound quality over a standard interconnect is clear, helping to deliver a real sense of rhythm and timing from your music
  • Hyper-pure silver conductor
  • Air-articulated fluorocarbon insulation
  • Twin helically wound shields

More >

Kimber HD-19e™.

Kimber HD19eKimber's mid range HDMI cable is a great choice if you need a cable for your Home Cinema set-up. It's a high speed design, has ethernet-carrying capability and is compatible with all recent and older HDMI equipment, so it's perfect for any level of AV equipment.
  • 25-gauge silver plated copper signal conductors
  • Ethernet compatible
  • Dual density nitrogen injected dielectric

More >

Kimber OPT-1™.

Kimber OPT-1Kimber only make one grade of optical digital cable, but it's packing an incredible amount of technology. The light conducting fibre is specially polished at the termination to minimise reflection and a special thermal and mechanical damping sleeve protects it. The result of the precision manufacture? The very best optical interconnect I've tested.
  • Medical-grade light conducting fibre
  • Dual layer thermal and mechanical damping barriers
  • Cold-polished ends

More >


Speaker cables.Russ's Recommendations

One of the most important links in the Hi-Fi chain, your speaker cable has the potential to either reveal or hold back the performance of everything else you've invested in further down the line. Because Kimber use their unique woven geometry right through the range, whatever level you choose you'll benefit from the inherent musical nature of this design.

Kimber Monocle XL™.

Monocle XLBorrowing design elements from the incredible Kimber Select speaker cables, Monocle XL's spaced and damped construction resolves the finest of details. I love the sense of 'air' and 'space' you can hear around instruments and voices - Monocle puts you right in the front row of the performance.
  • 24 Hyper-pure VariStrand™ copper conductors
  • Fluorocarbon, titanium dioxide & polyethylene insulation
  • X38R core compound
  • 24-wire counter-opposed helix geometry

More >

4PR with VariStrandKimber 4PR with VariStrand™.

4PR was Kimber's original woven cable design and now, with the addition of VariStrand conductors, it's still a fantastic choice for Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Partner it with starter and medium level systems and you'll be foot tapping at the music coming out of your speakers.
  • 8 High-purity OFE copper VariStrand conductors
  • Polyethylene insulation
  • 8-wire counter-opposed helix geometry

More >

Kimber 8TC.

Kimber 8TCI particularly love the '8' series cables and 8TC hits a sweet spot. Higher purity conductors than PR and VS, and special Teflon insulation combines to give a cable that has incredible grip on the signal. 8TC delivers musicality in spades and is terrific performance for its price.
  • 16 Hyper-pure VariStrand™ copper conductors
  • Fluorocarbon insulation
  • 16-wire counter-opposed helix geometry

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Equipment Supports.Russ's Recommendations

The support you place your equipment on can have as big an effect on sound quality as the cables connecting it, so it's important to get these right. The unique technology behind Torlyte supports is the same throughout the range - low mass and high rigidity. The approach is based on sound acoustic principles: high mass traps energy; low mass dumps it, leaving a very natural and open sound.

Torlyte Platform.

Torlyte PlatformThe simplest way to experience the 'Torlyte Effect' is with the latest, 2019 version of our long established Torlyte Platforms. They work well under all Hi-Fi electronics - from streamers and CD players, to preamps, power amps and even separate power supplies. They're incredibly easy to use and they allow a clearer, more natural sound from your set-up.
  • Lightweight - low mass dumps sound-degrading energy
  • Rigid - offers solid support for your components
  • Hand-crafted in the UK

More >

Jumbo Cone Feet.

Russ Andrews Jumbo Cone FeetJumbo Cone Feet Jumbo Cone Feet are an easy upgrade to bring an immediate sense of naturalness, air and space to your music. The Jumbo size is perfect for most full-sized Hi-Fi components, lifting the equipment of their existing feet and effectively supporting your kit.
  • 100% natural product for a natural sound
  • Lightweight - low mass dumps sound degrading energy
  • Hand-crafted in the UK

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System Grounding.Russ's Recommendations

Effective grounding of your system's casework is one of the best value upgrades you can make to your system. A complete Russ Andrews grounding system for a simple set-up can cost under £300 - even with our best grounding cables - and in our opinion stands up against other available systems costing many times more.


Russ Andrews RF Router MkII.

Russ Andrews RF RouterThe RF Router is the most important component in my grounding system and works to direct RF energy in equipment casework to ground. Two versions are available - the simplest is the Plug-in RF Router which uses the earth in your mains wiring. The MKII RF Router is more flexible and allows you to connect to an external grounding rod which delivers even greater performance, with better bass and more musical energy and information.
  • Highly effective, selective RF Filter technology
  • Use with grounding cables to ground system casework
  • Nickel plated binding posts

More >

Russ Andrews Technical Ground Weave.

Technical Ground WeaveTo set up your own grounding system, you’ll need to connect your equipment casework together and then ground this via our RF Router. The best cable for the job is our Technical Ground Weave, which brings the benefits of Kimber’s woven geometry. Use it with our Chassis Ground Adaptors to easily connect the wires to your casework.
  • Kimber woven cable for RFI rejection
  • Optimised for efficient grounding path

More >


Vinyl Accessories.Russ's Recommendations

If you regularly use a turntable you'll know how important it is to keep your vinyl in tip-top condition - it's absolutely vital to achieving a truly enjoyable listen! If you have a medium to large collection, Russ's recommendation of the Audio Desk Pro Vinyl Cleaner is a must; it's a significant investment but it's simply the best we've come across. And everyone can benefit from storing their collection in the superb MA Recordings Inner Sleeves.

Audio Desk Pro Vinyl Cleaner.

Audio Desk Vinyl Record Cleaning MachineIn my experience, ultrasonic record cleaning machines can get LPs cleaner than other methods and the Audio Desk Pro Vinyl Cleaner is incredibly effective and simple to use. It's a fully automatic machine that washes and dries each LP in just a few minutes at the touch of a button. Expensive? Yes, but any record collector who really cares about his or her collection and wants to get the best sound should make it a priority to own one.
  • Fully automated record cleaning machine
  • Powerful Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Counter-rotating microfibre cleaning barrels gently dislodge dirt
  • Washes and dries each record in about 6 minutes

More >

MA Recordings Record Sleeves.

MA Recordings Record SleevesThey may sound exotic, but these MA Recordings record sleeves are some of the nicest record sleeves I've tested. Made from synthetic Japanese fibres, we import them directly from the far east and as well as being gentle on your LPs, they have anti-static and anti-mould properties that make them ideal for caring for your treasured recordings.
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Antistatic
  • Pack of 50

More >


Essential Accessories.Russ's Recommendations

Don’t forget the accessories! Simple things like properly cleaning your CDs, SACDs, DVDs or Blu-rays and reducing static can make a huge difference to the sound, so it really is worth investing in these areas. The same goes for cleaning contacts on your cables and equipment – a little time and effort spent here will pay significant dividends.

Statmat CDi Blue Plus.

Statmat CDi Blue PlusCombined with our ReVeel and ReleeS, the use of a Statmat has become routine; I never play any disc - whether CD/SACD or DVD/Bluray - without one of these. The improvements are clear, both in sound and pictures, especially with this, their top model.
  • Anti-static disc designed to sit on top of CDs and DVDs
  • Re-usable self-adhesive collar fixes the mat onto the disc
  • Cleaner, crisper sound and pictures

More >


DeoxITOxidation and corrosion of connections is a source of distortion so it's important to keep your Hi-Fi system's connecting plugs and sockets clean. DeoxIT has been my contact cleaner of choice for many years and is the very best enhancer and conditioner I've tested.
  • Specially designed to clean, protect and lubricate gold/silver plated contacts
  • Highly effective contact cleaner and enhancer
  • Molecularly bonds to seal and protect

More >

ReVeel & ReleeS.

Russ Andrews ReVeel & ReleeSAnyone who uses CDs, DVDs, SACDs or Blu-ray Discs should have ReVeel and ReleeS on their shelf. ReVeel is used on the play side of the disc for removing surface contaminants and finger prints; ReleeS is sprayed on the label side of a disc to reduce static. The effect is to allow a more natural sound from your discs, allowing the music to shine through.
  • ReleeS - reduce static on CDs, SACDs, DVDs and Blu-rays; can also be used on CD player drawers and cables.
  • ReVeel - effective, moist disc cleaning wipes• Enough for cleaning over 100 discs

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