RJ45 MiniZap™

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  • Apply MiniZap™ Technology to shield RJ45/ethernet sockets.

  • Utilises four MiniZap™ filters per plug.

  • Superior Telegartner locking RJ45 plug.

Russ Andrews RJ45 MiniZap™

The RJ45 MiniZap™ is the latest version of our range of MiniZap™ filters. RJ45 MiniZap™ is designed to be used in any component with an unused RJ45/ethernet socket; primarily routers and network switches, but also components with wired networking capability that has an unused RJ45 socket such as amplifier, TV, streamer or DAC.

About MiniZap™ technology

MiniZaps™ are dissipative filters created by Audio Designer Ben Duncan. Designed to remove very high frequency noise in audio circuits. Their overall effect seems to be a reduction in the noise floor, leading to more information, greater dynamics and a calmer, more relaxed and musical sound.

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MiniZap™ Technology
Superior Telegartner locking RJ45 plug
Four MiniZap™ filters per plug
Custom-designed rear housing
25 year Lifetime Warranty

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Customer Reviews
Overall product rating 5 / 5
5 / 5

reviewed by Keith Watson
08 May 2023
Yes, I recommend this product.
"Significant Improvement From Network Switch"
As soon as I plugged the RJ45 MiniZap into a spare network port in the Cisco network switch which sits between my NAS drive and WiFi router there was a huge improvement in sound quality. Both in the amount of detail previously unheard and the layering of sounds and textures apparent in everything I streamed from the NAS. Imaging was also improved significantly. There's a burning in period where the sound seems to go through bright, dull, boomy and out-of-phase-sounding phases but this seems to happen quicker than it does with cables, for instance. A better power supply and RJ45 grounding cable with plug in RF Router both produced improvements but not as much as the RJ45 MiniZap. With the combination of these changes does my £40 Cisco switch now perform as well as an audiophile grade switch? Possibly not but it's a huge improvement on how it started out and it'll be a long time before I can afford to try an audiophile grade switch to find out. For now, I'm more than happy.