Our range of MiniZap™ filters has grown over time so we thought it was a good opportunity to highlight the various models.

The Technology

MiniZaps use our Zapperator
technology. Originally developed to address RF and EM interference in speaker cables, the tech was so successful that we decided to adapt it to combat the same issues with line-level and vinyl-level signals.

Designed by the highly respected audio designer Ben Duncan, MiniZaps use a unique Zobel-type network specifically for use in high-fidelity audio applications. Put simply, they work to convert RF and EM interference to heat, which is then dissipated.

This ‘burning-off’ of the RFI/EMI noise is extremely efficient and has a key advantage over many other types of filters which simply ‘bat-away’ interference on the assumption that it will not return elsewhere to cause problems.


MiniZaps on KIMBER KABLE® interconnects

Initially, MiniZap technology was introduced as an option built into Kimber analogue interconnects. This was a useful way of benefiting from the technology without having to insert a plug ‘in-line’ and the results were very impressive indeed.

MiniZaps on interconnect
Image shows MiniZaps fitted to Kimber Timbre analogue interconnect

We sent two Kimber Timbre analogue interconnects to Martin Colloms, editor of the respected journal Hi-Fi Critic; a standard version and one which had MiniZaps added. The difference was clear:

“the new MiniZap design, with no special plugs or whatever, jumped straight into the reference class at 93 marks.

This great cable design is thus highly recommended - Hats off to the MiniZap RFI control technology!”

Martin Colloms, Hi-Fi Critic magazine

In-line MiniZaps

To allow users of other brands of interconnect to benefit from this technology, we introduced an in-line version which simply plugs in between the phono plug and socket.

To minimise the effect of having an additional plug fitted in the signal path, we fit the MiniZaps into a very high quality WBT-0110Cu phono plug allowing you to get most of the benefit of the MiniZap tech with a minimum downside (for owners of Kimber interconnects, we still recommend fitting MiniZaps to the actual cable for best performance).

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Plug-In MiniZaps

The next step in the development of the range was to apply the technology to unused sockets on audio/visual components. All the different types of plug-in MiniZap work on the same principle; you simply plug them into unused sockets, and the technology dissipates interference.

Where to use them

Plug-in MiniZaps fit into unused RCA/phono, XLR, DIN and headphone signal outputs on components such as amplifiers, CD players and DACs, and into USB and RJ45 (ethernet) ports. Here is the full range of options:


The Plug-In MiniZap Range

RCA/Phono - DIN - XLR
Designed for use on analogue and digital coaxial outputs – for inputs we recommend our Shorties

RCA/Phono MiniZaps shown fitted in the tape outputs of a preamp

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USB MiniZaps can be used in equipment with unused USB sockets – such as typically fitted to set-top boxes, CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc players, DACs and TVs.

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The latest version of our range of MiniZap filters. RJ45 MiniZap is designed to be used in any component with an unused RJ45/ethernet socket; primarily routers and network switches, but also components with wired networking capability that has an unused RJ45 socket such as amplifier, TV, streamer or DAC.

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Designed to plug into ¼” (6.35mm) and 3.5mm headphone sockets.

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Customer Rated

“I have tried these in the digital out of my NDX2 and Oppo 203. In both cases the difference was immediate with better clarity on vocals, a naturalness to piano music and a more analogue presentation.”
5 star online review RCA/Phono MiniZap

Customer Rated

“Wow. I'm gobsmacked how much this small plug has transformed my system. I'm hearing stuff I've never heard before. Massive improvement to the sound of my Naim NAC 32.5/Nap 110 amps.”
5 star online review DIN MiniZap