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Speaker RF Zapperators Review

Thursday, 5th January 2017

Hi-Fi Choice take a listen to what our RF Zapperator technology can do at the critical cable/binding post interface.
Russ Andrews RF Zapperators
RF Zapperators augment our other filters and are designed to be fitted further down the chain once your mains, interconnects and speaker cables have been upgraded. As such, they help to soak up any surplus RFI entering the loudspeakers at the critical binding post/cable connector interface.

As the reviewer points out, they achieve this effectively by utilising an adapted form of Zobel network which works by literally burning off RF interference, converting it to heat and ensuring that once treated, it cannot return.

A second point he makes is that anything working in such close proximity to speaker drivers will potentially be subject to “high levels of bass vibration from the cabinet”. Many RF parts are microphonic, so using these would be akin to directly injecting distortion into the audio path, defeating the object. So one of the key points in the design of the Zapperators was the very selective use of high quality components.

This combination of detailed design specifications and high quality components comes together perfectly in the Speaker Zapperators, with noticeable improvements in the “depth and width of the soundstage” and also in the “bass performance”.

Hifi ChoiceMagazine: Hi-Fi Choice
Issue: February 2017
Verdict: Four Stars 

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