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The Supplier Hi-Fi Choice review

Monday, 11th December 2017

The latest review to hit the newsstands is for our new Supplier DC Power Supply in the January 2018 edition on Hi-Fi Choice magazine.
The SupplierStarting his review, Neville Roberts notes the problems with budget switch mode power supplies that are commonly packaged with new Hi-Fi components. He says that such supplies "can introduce their own problems if poorly designed" In particular, "a low-cost unit can generate RFI and EMI, so to get the very best from you equipment, you really need a top-quality power supply to replace the one that comes bundled as standard."

We absolutely agree. All products are understandably made to a cost and priorities have to be made. Most manufacturers place the emphasis on the product itself rather than its power supply. That's not too surprising, but it does compromise performance. The bonus is that there is at least something you can do about this aspect of the design...

supplier cableThe Supplier, by contrast, starts life as an already impressive psu and then gains significant improvements through such upgrades as Kimber Kap and Panasonic audio-grade capacitors, internal Kimber Kable wiring and the addition of our Silencer filter. The cable that connects the Supplier to the piece of audio equipment is not ignored either, and features a high quality XLR output connector at the end of the PBJ cable.
The results of all this attention are clear to hear: "A 24/192 FLAC of The Scottish Chamber Orchestra performing Beethoven's Piano Concerto No.4 provides a noticeably wider and more convincing soundstage" he writes, and adds that "string instruments display considerably more refinement".

Giving the Supplier the highest possible award of '5 stars Recommended', he concludes this short survey by stating that "this is one of the best switched-mode power supplies I have used and I am clearly able to discern significant sonic improvements in my system with The Supplier in place".

Magazine: Hi-Fi Choice
Issue: January 2018
Verdict: Five Stars Recommended 



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