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Vivacity AR Fireworks Starter pack


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The concept is to first purchase a Vivacity AR Starter Pack as this contains the Installation Guide and setting-up templates as well as a single Dark Vivacity Panel.

For one item of equipment, the next upgrade is to buy a Vivacity Topper Panel Upgrade Pack. To improve performance still further, additional Dark Vivacity Panels can be purchased.

For Vivacity Panels to be used under a second or further items of equipment, follow the above procedure, save that it will now be possible to buy an Additional Fireworks Dark Panel Pack, or a combination Two Panel Pack containing both a Dark Vivacity Panel and a Topper Panel. Remember, the Installation Guide and setting-up templates are only available with a Starter Pack.

Each Vivacity AR Starter Pack contains:
  • One Dark Vivacity Panel

  • Four Ringmat Mini Domes

  • One Statfoot

  • Installation Guide

  • Positioning Guide

  • Placement Guide
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