Russ pioneered research into the effect of mains power on Hi-Fi systems and today is regarded as one of the world's experts in this field.

Finding that Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) was a major source of bad Hi-Fi sound, he worked with Kimber Kable to produce the first specialist Hi-Fi power cable in the UK - the PowerKord
- in 1987.

Our continued research and developement has led to the wide range of power cables, extensions and power conditioners which make up our range.

They all uniquely solve the problem of low quality mains power and deliver a more musical, natural sound from a Hi-Fi system.

Leading the field

Our multi-award-winning Power Products have been widely recognised in the Hi-Fi press for their effectiveness, and have been used in a number of reviewer systems.

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Today, despite an ever-expanding market, Russ Andrews still research and develop class-leading mains-conditioning cables and filters - always driven by the dual priciples of musicality and great value-for-money.  

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