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Ground Rod & Clamp

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Russ Andrews Ground Rod

  • Copper-plated steel rod
  • 1.2m long
  • Includes cable clamp
  • For connection to RF Router MKII™/SuperRouters™
For very best performance from the Russ Andrews Grounding System, we recommend the use of a Grounding Rod. Although connection to the Ground post on one of our wall sockets will bring much of the benefits, for ultimate performance you cannot get better than providing a direct path to ground via a dedicated Ground Rod.

All this can be achieved by driving the Rod into the ground a short distance from your house and connecting it to your system via our RF Routers or SuperRouters using our standard or Premium Technical Ground Weave (TGW).

Safety Notice

A Ground Rod should supplement your existing mains wiring, not replace it.

To comply with the latest electrical regulations, the Ground Rod must be connected to one of our RF Routers or SuperRouters, which means that the rod grounds RF but isolates it from mains voltages in the event of a fault. You must not connect the earth rod directly to the earthing point on our sockets and mains extensions.

Read our Guide to System Grounding


Copper-plated steel rod
1.2m long
Cable clamp included
Connect to our RF Router MKII or SuperRouters
25 year Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews
Overall product rating 5 / 5
5 / 5

reviewed by Trevor Davies
20 Jul 2017
Yes, I recommend this product.
"One Helluva Earthing Rod"
The earthing rod is solid copper and 1.2m long. The clamp is well made and robust solid brass. Quality with a capital Q