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Premium Technical Ground Weave


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Russ Andrews Premium Technical Ground Weave

  • 16 woven conductors for an effective ground path.
  • Kimber TCSS high-purity OFE (oxygen free electrolytic) copper
  • Counter opposed helix geometry
  • Superior 4mm Nickel Banana plug.
  • Superior Teflon insulation

Since the introduction of our grounding system, quite a few of you have been asking if there are any higher-performance technical ground cables available. Until now, our woven range had consisted of two grades of cable: the Technical Ground Weave and the Technical Ground Tri-braid cables.

Part of the research we undertook in the development of the EVO-S PowerKord was to assess the impact of the ground weave cables. Used to connect the new PowerKord to the RF Router, we heard a clearly audible improvement when different qualities of connecting cables were used.

About Premium Technical Ground Weave

Building on the proven design of the Technical Ground Weave, we asked Kimber to braid a custom 16 wire version using much higher purity copper and insulation. The resulting cable is the Premium Technical Ground Weave.

Premium TGW is only available with Kimber 4mm Banana that feature a superior nickel-plating process and designed to be used conjunction with our range of chassis adaptors when connecting to equipment. The RF Routers and SuperRouters feature multi-way binding posts which accept 4mm Bananas.

The perfect partner

With the Premium TGW we now have a cable to perfectly compliment the SuperRouter and EVO-S PowerKord featuring an innovative ground screen. Premium TGW features the same core design and materials as used on the EVO-S PowerKord.

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16 woven conductors featuring Kimber's counter opposed helix geometry
Kimber TCSS high-purity OFE (oxygen free electrolytic) copper
Kimber 4mm Banana plugs
Teflon insulation
25 year Lifetime Warranty

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