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Five Stars for the new Torlyte Platform

Wednesday, 12th August 2020

The September 2020 edition of Hi-Fi Choice sees our updated Torlyte Platform receiving a definitive 'thumbs up' in this five star review.
New Torlyte Platform

Improving on the legendary Torlyte design

Never one to let the dust settle under his feet, last year Russ worked on a new approach to the design of our Torlyte equipment supports, investigating ways to improve its performance. The result has been a fundamental redesign of the inner structure, one which honours the core Torlyte properties of lightness and rigidity, but improves on the strength and stiffness of the original design for the Platforms and Shelves.

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Features of the new Torlyte Platform

As the reviewer points out, the new model "features a redesign of the internal structure to improve its strength and stiffness, while retaining the lightness and rigidity of the original design". As the main platform is now thicker, we have added a new, shallower design of Jumbo Cone Feet to keep the overall height similar, whilst also providing better coupling and performance than the previous model.

Torlyte Platform Feet


Torlyte Hi-Fi Support - Review

For the review, the Torlyte Platform is used to support a turntable. When playing Concerto in D Minor for Three Harpsichords by J S Bach the effect on the sound is immediate:

"I am drawn into the performance right from the beginning of the piece. The music has improved realism and depth, and the energetic double bass playing is clear and elegant. The three harpsichords, meanwhile, are individually identifiable within the soundstage, which demonstrates a lack of colouration and confirms that the platform is doing a great job"

Hi-Fi Choice five star review
Magazine: Hi-Fi Choice
Issue: September 2020
Verdict: Five Stars Recommended

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