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Hi-Fi Choice review of Mini Purifier

Thursday, 20th April 2017

Hi-Fi Choice review the Mini Purifier with SuperClamp

There are many ways in which poor mains quality can have a negative effect on sound quality, as Neville notes in his review. In relation to the current product, he rightly points out that one such issue is caused by other electrical items (both in your own home and outside):

mini purifier
"low-quality switched-mode power supplies that are often supplied with electrical equipment, such as chargers and other devices powered by a low-voltage DC supply, can generate high-frequency noise that can be injected into your ring main and further pollute the sound from your hi-fi".


Mini-Purifier deals with this noise in two ways; first, it uses technology culled from our larger Power Purifier module but in a smaller, plug top form. This deals with broad frequency mains noise injected onto the mains by the type of devices Neville indicates. Secondly, these same items constantly put minor spikes and surges onto the mains and the SuperClamp element of the Mini-Purifier effectively deals with these too.

mini purifierAccording to the review, the result of all this filtration is "a noticeable subtle drop in background noise with a corresponding improvement in detail". That's all good news, but there's also another effect that Neville finds when he plugs "the Mini Purifier SuperClamp in a spare mains socket next to [his] audio system". 

Many people are plagued by annoying intermittent clicks and pops coming through loudspeakers, interrupting their focus on the music. This is often the result of switches turning on and off on refrigerator and heating thermostats. One way to alleviate the effects of these devices is to fit one of our VDR and Contact Suppressors directly to the thermostat itself, combatting the problem at source. This can sometimes be a hassle though, especially where the thermostat on a fridge is hidden away at the back of the unit. 


An alternative is to try the Mini Purifier. In Neville's case, the effect was immediate and impressive - "the clicks go away completely" he reports. This makes for a very simple way to combat the problem and goes towards giving the filter a hearty recommendation and a full five stars!

Magazine: Hi-Fi Choice
Issue: April 2017
Rating: Five Stars Recommended



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