We exclusively offer Kimber Kable because its combination of high quality components and unique woven design ensure a highly detailed but natural and engaging performance.


Start by upgrading the interconnects from your primary source component (CD player, etc). If you have separate pre and power amps, replace the interconnects here next and then move back to any additional but less used sources such as a tuner or recording device.

A note about that 'harsh' CD sound.

Many enthusiasts complain that the sound from their CD player is far harder than from their turntable. This maybe partly to do with what is often a warmer, easier acoustic that's characteristic of vinyl but is often more the result of the output signal from the CD player overloading the preamp and introducing distortion as a result. If you find you are using only a small proportion of your volume control, this is likely to be an indication of this overload. Our attenuated interconnects will solve this problem.

Speaker Cables

Like their interconnects, Kimber speaker cables cancel interference in a unique way so that the sound you hear is rich, detailed and free of harshness. To ensure that the signal travels accurately and you get the best sound from your speakers, a cable must be properly designed and be able to carry higher voltages than those carried by the interconnect cables. Kimber speaker cables use a combination of very high purity copper, copper/silver and pure silver wire together with the best insulation materials to ensure you extract the very best from your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system.

What about bi-wiring?

Our tests have shown that using a higher quality single run of speaker cable can often sound better than using two runs of cable in a biwire combination. But that's only if you replace the cheap and nasty jumper links that fit between the two sets of binding posts on your speakers. We have several types of jumper leads that let you do this - see them here