We have a number of fuses that are designed to be fitted to UK 13A-style mains plugs. They are available in different values - 5A, 10A and 13A. Which is the correct value of fuse to fit?
Russ Andrews SuperFuses

Replacing the fuse in a Russ Andrews power cable

Where possible, ensure that a 13A Russ Andrews fuse, SuperFuse™ or UltraFuse™ is fitted to our PowerKords. All new Russ Andrews power cables are fitted with Russ Andrews-brand 13A fuses as standard (older models may not be fitted with a Russ Andrews-brand fuse, but it will be a 13A fuse). Our power cables are all rated at 13A; a 3A fuse wouldn't be safer. Do not be tempted to replace the plug's 13A fuse in our PowerKords with a 3A fuse - it will only degade the sound further than the 13A one by increasing the impedance.

You may notice a label covering the screw on your Russ Andrews mains cable with 'Warranty - Void if Removed' or 'Fitted with Russ Andrews Fuse' written on it. This is to discourage unnecessary tampering of the cable and plug. Changing the fuse however, is straightforward and requires no special skill but you will of course need to remove the label to open the plug.

Russ Andrews 13A SuperFuse and Russ Andrews PowerKord-100

The Russ Andrews fuses, SuperFuses and UltraFuses are supplied with a 'Fitted with Russ Andrews fuse',  'Fitted with SuperFuse' or 'Fitted with UltraFuse' label to fit over or replace the existing warranty label. If you replace the fuse and then stick the new label over the old warranty label, we'll know that you've simply replaced the fuse if you return the cable for upgrade or repair in the future. It's also a useful way for you to know which cables you've upgraded with our fuses.

You will not void your warranty if you simply replace the fuse. 


Russ Andrews SuperFuses and UltraFuses are supplied with a DeoxIT Gold wipe. Use it to treat the end caps of the fuse just before fitting.

Cleaning the end of a SuperFuse before fitting.

Replacing the fuse in another manufacturer's power cable

If you want to replace the fuse in another manufacturer's power cable - either an aftermarket one or perhaps the cable that was supplied with your component - it's important to replace like for like. If the other cable is rated at 10A or 5A, it will be fitted with a 10A or 5A fuse respectively and you should fit a replacement fuse of the same value. 

Fitting a Russ Andrews 5A SuperFuse

The purpose of the fuse in a mains plug

The mains plug fuse cannot protect against faults in Hi-Fi equipment because currents are too low and the impedance in the mains cable is much too high. For equipment protection, rely on the internal fuse the manufacturer fitted into the equipment. This will be a fuse of about 180mA to 500mA for preamps, CD players streamers etc. and a 1.5A to 3.15A fuse for power amps. It's also worth replacing these internal fuses; most are 20mm in length and we have high quality Russ Andrews internal fuses available. View all Russ Andrews fuses here.