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Plug-in RF Router Review

Tuesday, 2nd March 2021

Our Plug In RF Router was the subject of a five-star review in the March 2021 issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine.

Russ Andrews Plug-in RF Router

Reviewer Neville Roberts acknowledged the fact that the plug-in Router has been designed for those people who are unable to install an additional external grounding point – a rod usually driven down into the garden outside. The plug-in RF Router uses the mains earth of the domestic mains circuit to provide an easy route for RF noise – as Neville says, “providing an effective earth to the harmful high frequency noise without causing any hum loops”.

Neville connected his equipment casework to the binding posts on the router – helpfully his kit had earth terminals on which made attaching the flying leads straightforward. If you don’t have terminals like this, it’s still easy to connect to casework by simply loosening off a casework screw on your equipment.

Once connected, he found that “music sounds more open and seems to have better dynamic range, which generally indicates a reduction in background noise. The RF Router clearly does its job beautifully… and it’s very easy to implement.”

Hi-Fi Choice five stars
Magazine: Hi-Fi Choice
Issue: March 2021
Verdict: Five stars Recommended

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reviewed by Michael Delia
07 Aug 2021
"Hi Fi Enthusiast"
To connect your RF Router via a "plug and play" configuration into my hifi system, do I just find a screw on the casework of one of my components to connect it? Are there also other leads or connections from the RF Router devise that need to connected somewhere.

What component shall I use? PS: I am using a high end power conditioner which my components are plugged into
Customer Service Reply Hi Michael
We recommend you download our grounding guide which can be found in the Grounding section on the website which shows you the best way to integrate our grounding products. But yes, you essentially choose a hub (usually your amplifier) to which you connect all your components to which ground wires and then run a single ground wire from your hub to the Plug-in RF Router. Your power conditioner should be grounded directly to the RF Router.

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