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Rupert Neve headphone amp review

Tuesday, 13th December 2016

The Rupert Neve RNHP precision heapdhone amp has been reviewed by Paul Rigby on www.theaudiophileman.com

This product has now been superceded by the improved RNHP Fidelice Precision Headphone Amp - click here for more.

We loved the diminutive amp when we first saw and heard it - so much so that we just had to include it in the range. But what did respected reviewer Paul Rigby think? In summing up, Paul acknowledged that he loved "the balanced and neutral basis for the RNHP. It stepped back and allowed the rest of the hi-fi to do its stuff. It tried to simplify. Getting out of the way and never imposing its own personality onto the music."

Awarding it 9 points, and bestowing it a "Deeply Groovy" Award, read the full review on Paul's website here.

Online magazine: theaudiophilman.com
Date of Review: 12th December 2016
Verdict: Deeply Groovy


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