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Russ Andrews Network Switch

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  • High-specification audiophile network switch

  • 8 RJ45 gigabit ethernet ports with additional shielding and damping

  • Custom-made Trichord clock

  • Custom Russ Andrews® The Supplier DC™ PSU with dual voltage output

  • Internally wired with KIMBER KABLE®

  • Russ Andrews® 0.3m locking DC Link Cable made with KIMBER KABLE® PBJ

Russ Andrews Network Switch (RANS-1™)

By their very nature, streaming audio systems have to integrate with standard network devices, built down to a price, which tend to use I.T. components sourced from mass-market suppliers.

These represent weak points in the signal chain and we long suspected that the commonly-available network switches were a particularly detremental link. So, after an intensive period of R&D back in the 2020s, we launched our solution: the Russ Andrews Network Switch (RANS1).

Custom throughout...

Our objective was to make the best switch we could.

At its heart is a bespoke Trichord Clock, used to co-ordinate the timing of the digital signal; Trichord’s low-noise clocks are highly-regarded when used in CD players, Blu-ray players and so on, and the clock is a custom-built one, specifically designed for this application.

The network switch also uses Russ’s preferred capacitors, KIMBER KABLE® internal wiring and is fitted with eight specially damped and shielded RJ45 gigabit ethernet ports.

Dedicated PSU

Knowing the importance of a high quality power supply for the efficient operation of these sensitive components, we power the switch by a separate, dedicated Russ Andrews dual-output power supply, of the same performance standard as our Supplier DC™.

The power supply is unique to the switch – one output powers the switch itself, and the other powers the internal Trichord clock. The connection to the switch is made with a 0.3m DC lead made with Kimber’s PBJ cable, with locking connections for a secure fit to both the power supply and the switch.

The network switch’s power supply has a 10A IEC mains input, for connecting the optional 1m YellO Power cable. We can supply the switch without a mains cable if you already have one to use, or wish to fit a higher quality one.

Technically grounded...

The switch and power supply are supplied in their own, separate custom-designed ABS cases, each of which sports a 4mm grounding terminal giving you the option to incorporate them into the Russ Andrews Grounding System.

Who the switch is for?

This is clearly a premium network switch, so if you stive for a well-set up streaming system, consider the RANS-1 as an essential component. Our diagram shows how it can be incorporated into a streaming network, used alongside an existing modem/router.

Installing the Switch is incredibly simple and requires no previous networking knowledge. It’s a true ‘plug and play’ device making it a hassle-free way to instantly connect your network devices to your system.

  • 8 RJ45 gigabit ethernet ports with additional shielding and damping
  • Custom-made Trichord clock
  • Custom Russ Andrews The Supplier DC™ with dual voltage output
  • Internally wired with KIMBER KABLE®
  • 4mm grounding sockets on both switch and psu
  • Audio-Grade Panasonic capacitors
  • Russ Andrews 0.3m DC Link Cable made with Kimber PBJ and locking connectors
  • Custom, matching ABS cases with blue power indicators
  • Made from impact and fire resistant UL-90-V0, RF-resistant ABS
  • Optional with 1m YellO mains cable
  • 25 year warranty on parts and labour.
  • 60-day Money-Back Guarantee.

The dimensions for each box are: Width: 185mm Depth: 130mm Height: 50mm

Money Back Guarantee

Don't forget! We’re confident in the performance of this product that it is covered by our 60 Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee. Buy the product and if you're not completely satisfied, you can return it within 2 months for a refund. For full details click here.


A “worthy addition to the expanding audiophile switch market” that “will delight both RA’s already contented customers and draw in new buyers, who simply love what it does for the performance of their networked systems. For me, it looks great and delivered first-class results”
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"Packetised data should be unfazed by its transfer through the network, but the RANS-1 makes a convincing argument that there’s more to the topic than it first appears. This is a true eye-opener."
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"lower noise backgrounds, sweet, delicate and informative treble, and with a relaxed and a well-balanced timbre"
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Customer Reviews
Overall product rating 5 / 5
5 / 5

reviewed by paul alexander
06 Jun 2020
Yes, I recommend this product.
"Russ Andrews Network Switch"
Like many people I was in the past sceptical about paying higher prices for Digital Technology.My view changed when I initially upgraded my ethernet cables and had to admit there was a significant improvement in sound quality.So when I saw Russ Andrews had developed an AV specific Ethernet Switch I was very keen to buy and try.There is a significant improvement in sound quality - all types of music have more clarity , depth and the music has much more life.My system is Linn Akurate and includes an Exakt Box DAC.Linn has for some time emphasised the need to refine the timing and phase of Digital signals and I am sure the clock in the Russ Andrews Ethernet Switch is at the core of the sound improvement.Both the switch and the power supply are very well made , the Kimber connecting cable is a very secure fit and this is plug and play technology for sure. So a really great product and excellent value given the improvements it has delivered.

Paul Alexander
5 / 5

reviewed by Sean
21 May 2020
Yes, I recommend this product.
"A Significant Upgrade"
I am not new to the concept of upgrading a switch after previously upgrading the power supply on my Netgear switch with a RA Powerpak. This had a meaningful impact, but was nothing compared to the new RA Network Switch. From the very first notes there was a more analogue sound, increased musicality and detail taking the sound to a whole new level. For those that maybe sceptical about what a switch can do, you can try without risk as RA offer a refund. This is an exceptional product.