Hi-Fi magazines and Dealers will tell you that you should not spend more than 10% of the hardware budget on cables or you are wasting money. They believe in the Rule of Diminishing Returns! I have discovered a Rule of Increasing Returns that comes into play when you upgrade the right things in the right order. To achieve this you need to apply my 10% Rule. Spend 10% of your budget on the hardware and 90% getting the best out of it! (Okay, I may be exaggerating a little but not by as much as you might think.)

The standard '10% Rule' might sound fine, but it vastly underrates the fundamental importance of the cabling in a Hi-Fi system. There's no point spending money on your hardware and then never hearing its full potential because the cables you use add distortion and lose information. Think about it in terms of the size of improvement you'll gain rather than what you might 'expect' to pay eg. if a £100 cable makes your £200 CD player sound better than a £500 CD player then that's excellent value for money by anyone's standards.

And remember, our 60 day Money Back Guarantee allows you to audition our cables in your own system at home, and confirm you are spending your money wisely!