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Signature PowerBlock™

One of our most distinctive and iconic products, our PowerBlock 8-way mains extension has had a major update to celebrate its 20 year anniversary. The improvements we’ve made to it ensure that it remains at the pinnacle of our power extensions range – if you want the very best, this is it!

What’s new?

New sockets, more wire and a new wiring layout!

Russ Andrews Signature Sockets™

The Signature PowerBlock features four, double, 13A Rhodium plated Signature SuperSockets. These are the finest-sounding UK mains sockets Russ has auditioned, with high pressure, Rhodium-plated phosphor bronze copper alloy contacts. In addition, each socket benefits from our full Super Burn-In™ process and is manufactured to BS1363. The Block is currently only available with 13A UK sockets.

Rhodium is an exceptionally hard and tough metal making it perfect for environments where fit and forget performance is crucial.

The conductivity performance of rhodium remains constant over its lifetime, unlike other conductors that can deteriorate due to oxidation.


The internal wiring of the PowerBlock has also been upgraded. PowerBlocks now feature an innovative power distribution arrangement, providing an even supply of power to all outlets.

This is accomplished with a new, custom-designed internal distribution circuit board. Wiring to the individual sockets is with Kimber’s high capacity TCX internal wire, using twin runs of wire per double socket, and twin runs are also used to the internal distribution board and outlets.

Higher performance TCX earth wire is also used than in the older PowerBlocks, and in total over 6m of TCX wire is used per PowerBlock. TCX is a heavy gauge copper cable, of the same quality as the individual wires woven together in our Evolution PowerKords™, but capable of handling higher currents.

Super Burn-in™

All elements are treated with exactly the same full Super Burn-In process that we apply to our cables. A highly advanced treatment which, in our tests, significantly elevates the performance of our award-winning cables.

Maximum protection

The Signature PowerBlock is fitted with our MegaClamp™ spike protection. We believe that spike activity on the mains supply can degrade the sound quality from your equipment (they can raise the background noise level in amplification circuits); remove them and in our opinion the sound is cleaner and clearer.

Our MegaClamp components were developed for use in the communications industry; we’ve found that they are the most effective way of absorbing spikes affecting your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema.

Additional grounding

Each block is fitted with grounding terminal, to allow you to add an additional ground to your Hi-Fi system in conjunction with our RF Router™.

Incorporating the PowerBlock into your grounding plan can bring real sonic benefits.

We believe RF grounding gives a substantial improvement in the sound, with cleaner, deeper bass and a more stable soundstage.

And for your peace of mind...

PowerBlocks are made in UL-90-V0 ABS (a type of thermoplastic) which has been chosen specially for its sonic qualities (we’ve found that plastic extensions sound much better than metal extensions); durability; and the ability to resist shocks and high impacts. Additionally, the material is fire resistant and can be recycled.


Made from impact and fire resistant UL-90-V0 ABS
Eight Rhodium plated, inverted Signature sockets
Internally wired with KIMBER KABLE
Earth terminal for attachment to RF Router
Internal MegaClamp for equipment protection from lightning and high voltage mains spikes
High current 16A IEC input socket to connect your choice of Evolution PowerKord
L:327mm H:133mm W:135mm

Connecting to the mains supply

PowerBlocks™ are fitted with a 16A IEC socket which allows you to choose the grade and length of cable you need to connect it to the wall socket. We recommend you opt for either the Evolution-300 PowerKord or Evolution-500 PowerKord for this application.

When choosing your mains cable, make sure you select the version with the 16A (HC) IEC connector. Click here to view PowerKords™.

Adding an extra block or Mains Filtering

Signature PowerBlocks have an additional mains outlet at the other end of the case from the mains inlet. This allows you to daisy chain a second block (to extend the number of sockets) or to attach a mains filter such as our PowerPurifier™. The outlet is a high current 16A/20A female outlet socket. We make special Evolution-100 and Evolution-300 link cables to allow you to utilise this outlet.

Click here for the Evolution-100 Link cables
Click here for the Evolution-300 Link cables
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Signature PowerBlocks are covered by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee: audition them in your own system for two months. Find out more.
25 Year Warranty
Signature PowerBlocks come with a Lifetime Guarantee - this means we will cover against manufacturing faults and defects for a minimum of 25 years. Find out more
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