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SuperFuse Review

Tuesday, 13th January 2015

An excellent review of our SuperFuses appears on Paul Rigby's website theaudiophileman.com.

Paul's review of the SuperFuses makes interesting reading because many of the comments he makes about the improvements to sound quality relate to the overall performance of the piece of music. Here's an example: with reference to The Who's My Wife, Paul says

"the bass guitar, which was previously shaped by the Keith Moon drum kit, now became much more recognisable as a separate instrument."

On another track, he comments: 

"On the Dexter Gordon jazz track, the sax, played during the early solo, was not only larger in terms of presence but also reedier in terms of tonality while the bass, centre stage, could now be heard going through subtle manipulations".

It's these kinds of improvements that really get to the heart of a piece. Having a saxophone sound more like the individual saxophone being played allows you to hear more of the subtlety and meaning that the player is bringing to the track. And it's these aspects that make a piece of music unique.

All in all it's difficult to think of another product which can bring such significant improvements for as little as £25.

Verdict: 7/10
Website: theaudiophileman.com
Date: 3rd January 2015

Read the full review on Paul's website here.

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