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10A SuperFuse Mains Plug Fuse, single

4.3 out of 5
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  • Replacement 10A mains plug fuse makes it easy to upgrade power cables

  • Features a specially-developed version of our legacy Super Burn In™ treatment

  • Includes DeoxIT Gold® wipe for treating end caps before fitting

  • Supplied as a single fuse (packs of five are available here)

The Russ Andrews 10A SuperFuse™ is a replacement fuse designed to be used with power cables that need 10A mains plug fuses. They feature a specially-developed version of our legacy Super Burn In process. The SuperFuses are supplied with a DeoxIT Gold wipe for treatment just before fitting.

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What's included
  • Single 10A SuperFuse
  • DeoxIT Gold wipe
  • 'Fitted with SuperFuse' label
  • instructions
  • protective pouch

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Buying Guide

  • Russ Andrews specification 10A mains cable fuses
  • Unique Super Burn In™ treatment
  • Nickel plated end caps
  • Silver plated, copper fuse wire
  • Length: 25.4mm Diameter: 6.3mm
  • Ceramic body
  • Supplied with DeoxIT Gold® wipe
  • Manufactured to BS 1362
  • Excluded from our 25 year Lifetime Warranty

"The price of the fuse which, initially, might have triggered howls of derision seemed, after the test, to be rather low. Low, that is, considering the improvements in sound quality."

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Customer Reviews
Overall product rating 4.3 / 5
5 / 5

reviewed by Jimbob
20 Feb 2018
Yes, I recommend this product.
"Excellent Performance"
An excellent fuse for the money. My preferred fuses aren’t made in a 10A variant and I was pleasantly surprised by how much these improved my Pioneer LX-58 Bluray player. Recommended.
3 / 5

reviewed by steven elphinstone
13 Feb 2017
Yes, I recommend this product.
"10 Amp Super Fuse"
cleans up the sound good little up grade
5 / 5

reviewed by Ken B
28 Nov 2015
Yes, I recommend this product.
"The Cheapest Significant Upgrade Ever"
I fitted one of these to my mains cable for my HiFi, the first time I played music it was like I had bought a new set-up, everything improved significantly. I have since fitted others on my TV ( DVD Top Box) mains and om my PC. The difference again in clarity is amazing. Probably the cheapest significant upgrade you will ever make.
PS. A friend of mine has done the same with huge results, so much so that he has put them in all plugs in his HiFi, and TV set up.