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  • Apply MiniZap™ Technology to Headphone sockets

  • Utilises two MiniZap™ filters per plug

  • Plug into unused sockets to dissipate interference

Russ Andrews Headphone MiniZaps™

Headphone MiniZaps™ are designed to be used on any component with unused headphone sockets; such as a headphone amplifier or preamp with headphone socket.

About MiniZap™ technology

MiniZaps use our Zapperator technology. Originally developed to address RF and EM interference in speaker cables, the tech was so successful that we decided to adapt it to combat the same issues with line-level and vinyl-level signals.

Designed by the highly respected audio designer Ben Duncan, MiniZaps use a unique Zobel-type network specifically for use in high-fidelity audio applications. Put simply, they work to convert RF and EM interference to heat, which is then dissipated.

This ‘burning-off’ of the RFI/EMI noise is extremely efficient and has a key advantage over many other types of filters which simply ‘bat-away’ interference on the assumption that it will not return elsewhere to cause problems.

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MiniZap™ Technology
Suitable for Headphone sockets
Plug into unused sockets to dissipate interference
Utilises two MiniZap™ filters per plug
Available as ¼" or 3.5mm jacks
Handmade Walnut housing
XLR, DIN and RCA versions also available
25 year Lifetime Warranty

Please Note
If plugging headphones into your headphone jack automatically mutes the main speakers in your system (as is the case with some preamps / integrated amps with a built in headphone amp), plugging the Headphone MiniZap will probably have the same effect: check this before ordering.

The headphone MiniZap is particularly useful when used with dedicated headphone amps that offer more than one headphone output.
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