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Hi-Fi Choice review the Power Purifier

Thursday, 31st August 2017

​Another great review for the Power Purifier, this time from Hi-F Choice magazine.
Power Purifier

A sound investment

Like Paul Rigby, in his review of the Power Purifier, Neville Roberts starts by removing all trace of any other mains filtration to test the effectiveness of the Power Purifier on its own. He starts with the unit in its 'Classic' form and finds that, in addition to suppressing mains-borne noise like clicks from his fridge thermostat, "it improves the spaciousness around instruments".

Adding the MegaClamp module doesn't appear to make a noticeable difference in this case. He does note that the unit is still offering background protection though thanks to its SuperClamp. The installation of the Mains Zapperator is another matter. Here, he is instantly struck by the effect of the module on the tightness of the bass. On "Eivor's Min Mooir" he writes "it has more forceful punch at the start, while the drum thumping throughout is clearly defined and separate from the rolling bass tones of the synthesiser". 


Next up is the addition of one Clarity Mains unit and, again, the reviewer is impressed with what he hears. On the same track he finds that "vocals are cleaner, with improved lucidity and presence even when the piece ramps up in energy". On a live recording of an instrumental tango track he notes how the recording becomes more convincing as a live recording with the Clarity Mains in place.

He follows the addition of the single Clarity Mains by introducing more units, one at a time, to test the cumulative effect of filling all four spaces provided for these filters. At each step he notices that, on the same pieces of music, there is "a gradual increase in both depth and width of the soundstage". Each of the violas in the tango piece, for instance, "are clearly identifiable as occupying a specific space in [the] room", leading him to conclude that there "is no doubt that each Clarity Mains filter has something to offer" noting that this effect is more subtle with each addition.

Overall, he finds that the Power Purifier is a sound investment, noting both its sonic performance and flexibility - being able to upgrade the unit yourself over time is seen as a big bonus.

HiFI Choice

Magazine: Hi-Fi Choice
Issue: July 2017
Rating: 4.5 stars


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