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Hi-Fi World review the Power Purifier

Thursday, 1st June 2017

Hi-Fi World review the Russ Andrews modular Power Purifier mains filter.
Power Purifier
Soundbites - a small section within the pages of Hi-Fi World magazine - offers short reviews of Hi-Fi and accessories. Although these are brief, they are nevertheless informative and often contain as much content as some longer reviews. Within this context, it's a shame that they don't give a rating as the review featured here is very good indeed.

The reviewer points out that the Power Purifier deals with three types of mains contamination: "spikes and surges, mains noise and Wi-Fi interference". The mains unit in 'Classic' form comes with the UltraPurifier broadband mains filter and SuperClamp spike and surge protection as standard.

Extra modules are easily retro-fitted of can be supplied pre-fitted in the box: Mains Zapperator deals with high frequency RFI caused by wi-fi networks and devices such as Ethernet-over-mains; MegaClamp is a far beefier spike and surge protector, designed in its original form to protect mobile phone masts; and the ClarityMains units clean power at a more micro-level, attending to issues around the electrons - you can fit up to four of these.
power purifier

Starting with the Power Purifier Classic plus one Clarity Mains unit, the reviewer finds that, without any other mains upgrades, the combination "opened up the soundstage, infusing it with space and air, enlarging the stage itself".

Allowing the easy upgrade to more filters via simple 'plug and play' modules helps to spread your investment and each addition boosts the performance of the main unit even more. Here, the reviewer adds another three Clarity Mains units to make four in total and the difference was clear to hear:

"the vocal presentation exhibited more detail with greater depth in the soundstage while midrange smearing of the upper mids was reduced to reveal subtle synth runs for the first time, while bass no longer boomed".
It all goes to creating a more involving listening experience and the effect is heightened again with the addition of the Mains Zapperator module. 

mains zapperator module

Now, the reviewer reports that he "was impressed by the smoothness of the vocals and an organic presentation, without mechanical falsity about the percussion".

Remembering that he was not using any other means of mains cleaning - cables, filters, etc. - he suggests that, although the Power Purifier by itself is by no means a cure-all ("no one-box system can", he says) it does represent a highly effective first step "and, for many, will be revelatory in terms of sonic improvement".

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