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Introducing the PowerPurifier

About the PowerPurifier

PowerPurifier is a new approach to mains purification; a one-box, rack-friendly solution with the potential to combat three key areas of mains contamination - spikes and surges, mains noise and Wi-Fi interference. PowerPurifier features a satin acrylic face and modular internal design making it really easy to add additional filtering as and when you require.

We've made it really easy to do yourself, meaning that you don't have to send the unit back to us to fit the additional filters - it can be done at home in a few minutes. This perfect synergy between form and function makes it unique in the market - no other stand-alone audiophile mains filter has the breadth of functionality found in the PowerPurifier.

Intelligent Design

The intelligent, modular design of the PowerPurifier™ makes it really easy to incorporate most of our power conditioners in a single, convenient box that is plugged in close to your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema. The core model delivers highly effective wideband power conditioning thanks to its UltraPurifier™ filter and SuperClamp™ surge protection. But now you can tailor your PowerPurifier by adding extra filtering as and when your budget allows.

One MegaClamp, one mains Zapperator and up to four ClarityMains can be fitted to the PowerPurifier, in addition to the SuperClamp and UltraPurifier that are fitted as standard.

Adding extra power conditioning

Adding more filters to your PowerPurifier is really simple - so simple, in fact, that you can do it yourself at home. Inside each PowerPurifier you'll find a bank of colour-coded sockets which match the colours of the plugs on the various filter modules you can add. So all you need to do is plug one of the new filter modules into the corresponding socket and away you go.

If you'd rather we fitted the modules for you; no problem. If you request the additional filters when purchasing your PowerPurifier, we'll automatically fit them for you anyway. And if you'd like some added at a later date and you don't want to fit them yourself, simply send the unit back to us and we'll fit your new modules for you (there's no charge for the fitting - you'll just need to pay for the return postage).
Connecting to your system

The PowerPurifier's passive, parallel design delivers outstanding mains noise reduction for a clearer, more natural sound with more musicality. It is designed to be connected close to your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system; nothing needs to be plugged into it for it to work.

PowerPurifier is fitted with an IEC input socket for you to use your choice of power cable. We recommend using the PowerMax Plus or the PowerKord-100, PowerKord-300, or PowerKord-500. There's a handy label on the back so you you can identify which additional filters have been installed.

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What the different filters do

UltraPurifier and SuperClamp
The UltraPurifier fitted as standard to the PowerPurifier delivers outstanding mains noise reduction - in excess of 80dB broadband, while the SuperClamp protects your system from mains spikes and surges. We recommend replacement of the SuperClamp every five years to maintain its effectiveness - simple to do yourself, thanks to the PowerPurifier's modular design.
MegaClamp and Zapperator
Specify the MegaClamp to offer enhanced spike and surge reduction, with the advantage that the components don't wear out. The Mains Zapperator is a type of mains conditioner that is especially useful in dealing with very high frequency noise from wireless computer networks. Both modules can be fitted to the PowerPurifier when new, or added at a later date.
Fit ClarityMains
The ClarityMains are a different type of mains conditioner which utilise Coherence Technology. Specify one, two, three or four ClarityMains modules to be fitted to the PowerPurifier - either when new, or buy the modules and fit them yourself. They can be added at any time.

Ordering your PowerPurifier

The PowerPurifier Classic comes as standard with a SuperClamp and UltraPurifier fitted. On the product page, you are given the option to add the other mains filters, which will be fitted by us before sending to you.

If you already have a PowerPurifier, use the separate MegaClamp, ClarityMains and Mains Zapperator product pages below to buy the additional filter modules to fit yourself. Full fitting instructions are included with each purchase.