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Audiophile Streaming: Made Simple

Wednesday, 23rd August 2023

Many of our customers have expressed a desire to 'dabble' in the world of music streaming, but have been too intimidated by the process to give it a try. That's understandable; it can be a minefield. So, when we got hold of this little device and found how easy it was to set up and use... and sound good... and for just £149... well, we had to add it to our range.

WiiM Pro streamer

"The more I’ve used the WiiM Pro, the more I’ve come to understand just how amazing and versatile this product can be, and at an amazingly low price."
TechHive.com July 2023

The great thing about the WiiM Pro is that it can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be. So, it's really easy to get set up and started but with the potential to add more functionality as your confidence grows.
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Streaming at its simplest.

By far the easiest way to get into streaming music is to 'cast' from your phone or tablet.

Basically, casting allows you to send the music you are playing on your phone to your Hi-Fi, via the WiiM Pro.

Your phone/tablet then acts as a remote control where you can select and play the music you want.

With the Wiim Pro, casting is so easy that you can be set up and listening in a couple of minutes.

Literally - we tried it.
WiiM Pro
The WiiM Pro app will find your device and have you set up and streaming in a couple of minutes - literally!

"the WiiM Pro app made installation and navigating my steaming service subscriptions a breeze"
Lee Dunkley, Tom's Guide, April 2023

All you'll ever need.

WiiM may be simple to use but it's also very powerful.

It has the capacity to stream all the major streaming services, including Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal and it's also 'Roon ready'. If you have a NAS drive containing your own collection of ripped CDs, you can play this too via your internet router.

"offers pretty much every streaming standard you can think of, including Roon, while also adding its own easy-to-use app."
CNET, July 2023

Well connected

Considering the small footprint of the WiiM Pro - it's only 140 x 140 x 42mm - it's not short of connections on the back.

All the outputs you need are here, to connect to your amp or DAC by digital or analogue cable.

There are even a couple of analogue and digital inputs, so you can use your WiiM to cast audio via Wi-Fi to other connected devices around the home - true multi-room audio credentials!

WiiM Pro connections


DACs Entertainment

The in-built DAC is capable of streaming Hi-Res audio up to 192 kHz/24 bit. Considering the price, the performance is very good.

Hi-Res logo
If you use the WiiM purely as a source, though, and connect to your own, higher-end DAC via the (Bit-perfect) digital coaxial output, the performance can be very impressive indeed, whilst still remaining amazing value-for-money.

For best performance, this is the option we would recommend - connected via a KIMBER KABLE coax digital interconnect, of course! (see our offer below to save 15% on selected cables when you buy the WiiM).

For those without a separate DAC, we would recommend the Wiim Pro Plus which features an advanced, high-performance DAC - capable of accepting signals up to 768kHz PCM and DSD512 resolution - and a higher quality clock for a reduction in noise.

WiiM say that it’s their best sounding streamer – and What Hi-Fi magazine agreed, awarding it their Best Performing Music Streamer under £300 award 2023.

Find out more about the Wiim Pro Plus.

Wiim Amp: The complete one-box solution

Wiim Amp

WiiM have recently added the WiiM amp to their range – basically the WiiM Pro Plus with the addition of an integral 60W stereo amplifier.

Designed to connect 8Ω loudspeakers, WiiM amp has an HDMI-ARC connection, allowing you to play music from your TV to the amp. It also has a sub out socket for connecting an active subwoofer.

It’s great for music, making a compact all-in-one streamer / amplifier combination, and makes a high-performance alternative to a traditional TV soundbar.

Find out more about Wiim Amp.

The industry loves the WiiM Pro... and so will you

WiiM Pro Awards

WiiM Pro is a fairly new addition to our shores, but its combination of functionality, ease of use and amazing price has really been gaining fans overseas, receiving multiple reviews and awards along the way.

The simple way to buy with No-Risk

Home Trial logoWhy not try out the Wiim Pro for yourself with our 14-Day Home Trial with Money-Back Guarantee.
If you are not 100% satisfied with the performance and ease-of-use of the Wiim Pro, simply return it in original condition and packaging for a full refund.


SAVE 15% on selected KIMBER KABLE digital and analogue interconnects when you buy WiiM Pro.

Whether you decide to connect your WiiM Pro direct to your amp via analogue cables or to a DAC via digital, you can SAVE 15%* when you buy any of the following Kimber cables with your WiiM:

Digital Coaxial:
® DV-21

Digital Optical:




*Saving applies to the cable only and not to the WiiM Pro. Add your WiiM to your shopping basket and the 15% discount will automatically be deducted from any qualifying cable added at the same time. Click here for full details.

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reviewed by Andrew Miles
28 Dec 2023
Hi there Simon

Please forgive me for being thick , here. I’ve just read the Wiim article in the latest newsletter and I’m interested coz it sounds right up my street. I’m an audiophile but restricted to headphones: ‘er indoors will not allow such things as industrial speakers or the like cluttering up the room.

Anyway, my interest in such equipment stems from seeing the NAD Uniti Atom but being a thrifty Yorkshireman, that particular cube is somewhat steep in asking price. On seeing this new and previously unheard of box of tricks at significantly lower cost, can this wee beastie connect to my B&W P5’s ? Anything to enhance the music and with its slim size, I reckon I could get permission for this.

Your answers or comments are very welcome

Best wishes
Customer Service Reply Hi Andrew,
Don't worry, you're not being thick 😉 I believe the P5s can be used either wired or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Assuming you are using the latter, the WiiM manual says the following:
You can use the WiiM Pro as a Bluetooth source device, enabling seamless pairing with your Bluetooth speakers [or headphones]. Bluetooth Pairing Procedure for Audio Output: 1) Launch the WiiM Home App on your iOS or Android device. 2) Select ‘Device’ Tab and tap the gear icon for device settings. 3) Select the ‘Audio Output’ setting and opt for ‘Bluetooth’ to establish a connection with an external Bluetooth receiver, such as an amplifier or speaker [or headphones].
Best regards, Simon

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