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Inline MiniZaps Review

Friday, 21st June 2019

Featured in the July 2019 edition of Hi-Fi Choice magazine, their 'Choice Extras' section includes a short review of our Inline MiniZaps - Neville Roberts is impressed...
Inline MiniZapsOur MiniZap technology can be applied in a number of ways. For example, we produce RCA MiniZaps to plug into unused RCA phono output sockets and for some time MiniZaps have been available as an option on Kimber interconnects. In a sense, that’s where the new Inline MiniZaps come in; whereas previously the tech had only been available as a fitted option on both Kimber analogue and digital interconnects, now you can simply plug them in ‘inline’ using your existing cables.

Users of other manufacturer’s cables

Fitting the MiniZap components into an existing WBT RCA Phono plug allows their use with any other make of cable, making MiniZap technology available to everyone.
Users of Kimber cables

For best performance, we still recommend having MiniZaps fitted to the cable itself – it’s cheaper and offers better performance. However, there are some advantages to using the inline versions:

1. You can use them on multiple cables. Say you use two sources, like a CD player and turntable, assuming the back of your system is easy enough to reach, you can swap the MiniZaps around according to the source you are using.

And 2. the inline versions allow you to easily compare the ‘with’ and ‘without’ results

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Inline MiniZaps

So, how do they perform?

In this short review, Neville Roberts first notes the problem which the MiniZaps are there to address, i.e. “preventing noise from entering the audio path of your system” which, he says, “can be quite a challenge”. Having used the product, he concludes that “the MiniZaps have a positive effect filtering out RF interference from the audio signal”
In his test, Neville fits the plugs to coaxial-type analogue interconnect between his valve preamp and valve monoblocks. Playing the first movement of Elgar’s Enigma Variations he notes that he is “conscious of the inky-black quietness between the musical segments” and observes that without the inline plugs “there’s not the same sense of silence”.
In the second variation, he hears that there is an improvement in the instrumentation of the piece, describing how “the stringed instruments, particularly the violins, have a perfect balance of being bright and lively yet smooth.”

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The down side?

He notes the cost is quite high. This is primarily because we chose the high-performing WBT plugs to house the components in. This was to ensure that the inclusion of the plugs inline with the signal path did not bring with it any negative effects. It’s pleasing to hear that this decision is borne out by the review, who notes that on passages where there are less obvious differences with the MiniZaps fitted, they do not have any obvious negative effect. Which, as he says, “is a good thing”.

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Magazine: Hi-Fi Choice
Issue: July 2019
Verdict: 4.5 stars Recommended

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reviewed by Vernon Joseph Rosario
26 Jul 2019
Plugged in the MiniZap into my CD player. I also use speaker Zapperators at both amplifier and speaker ends. Minizaps improved the sound across the frequency range with clear treble midrange and base. Zapperators are a very good investment.

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