Kimber 8TC
Kimber 8TC Speaker Cable
“This is a very natural and clean sounding cable and one which brings a sense of warmth that is all too often missing. Fortunately this doesn't mean it lacks definition… Bass is weighty and full and again well timed and the midrange is where the spriteliness comes from. Great performance for the money”.
Jason Kennedy, AV Review.

Doubling the number of conductors of 4TC, 8TC is a natural upgrade for your loudspeakers and represents excellent value. 8TC is available with pre-cut and stripped ends, Kimber 4mm Banana plugs or UltraPlate™ Spade connectors.
Kimber 8TC

8TC speaker cable is an excellent choice for any level of system but will be especially suited to mid to high end components such as those from Naim, Roksan, Luxman Musical Fidelity, Chord, etc. It utilises 16 of Kimber's VariStrand™, pure copper conductors, each individually insulated with fluorocarbon and woven to their unique geometry.  
What is VariStrand?

VariStrand iconA significant refinement to Kimber's original woven design was their introduction of VariStrand technology. VariStrand is the name Kimber give to the stranding of copper or silver in each insulated conductor. The gauge or size of those strands has an important effect on sound quality: large strands favour lower frequencies and smaller strands favour higher frequencies.

Cables that use strands of the same gauge could be said to favour a narrower bandwidth; Kimber counter this with their VariStrand technology which combines several strands, each of a different thickness, to give a more natural balance (see the illustration above).

Combined with Kimber's unique woven design this makes for a very high performance cable design, suited to any level of system from budget to high end.

8TC Jumper Cables
8TC Jumpers
Jumper cables replace the simple brass link plates that are used to connect binding posts on bi-wirable speakers. Our 8TC Jumpers bring all of the advantages of 8TC speaker cable to this important link and help to maximise signal transfer right through the frequency range. One set is sufficient for two speakers. 

Please note that this cable is only available for purchase in the UK.