The AbZorber™ has had an update!

Hot on the heels of our new PowerPurifier™ mains filter, the AbZorber MKII is the latest of our power conditioners to benefit from an update. The AbZorber now comes in the same attractive, rack-friendly case as the Power Purifier which means that both of them can sit neatly next to each other in your Hi-Fi rack.

The AbZorber

What is the AbZorber?

Designed by Ben Duncan, the AbZorber is a type of power conditioner that works to reduce the effects of spike activity and noise in Hi-Fi and Home Cinema systems. AbZorber works to reduce the effect of mains spikes within normal mains voltages - something that in our opinion conventional spike protecting components don't address.

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What others say about the AbZorber

Hi Fi WorldPaul Rigby reviewed the AbZorber in the March 2013 issue of Hi-Fi World. Testing it with a variety of music he found the effect was immediate on plugging it in: "your favourite records suddenly benefit from a lowering of the noise floor". Listening to Yo La Tengo's track Fog Over Frisco, Paul noted that the "previously invasive twangy guitar was appreciably calmed" and he could "hear the cymbals properly for the first time".

Summing up, he stated "The Russ Andrews AbZorber is a seemingly simple piece of technology in appearance and to use... but it works hard to remove deleterious noise, improving all aspects of the spectrum".

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More about the AbZorber

Mains spike and surge activity occurs all the time in domestic mains systems and, although it's very rare to get the kind of surge or spike that will actually damage equipment, this activity can sap the dynamics from your system, leading to more lack-lustre sound and pictures.

Our SuperClamps and MegaClamps address a large part of this issue that occurs outside of normal mains voltages, and a good job they do too! These work by grabbing spikes and surges as they hit above approximately 340V. While they are effective, what they don't do is mop up the residue of these spikes within normal mains voltages.

Ben Duncan researched and designed the AbZorber to address this specific problem because, from an audio perspective, the noise created by these inverse spikes can negatively affect the system's musicality, taking the 'life' out of the experience. Uniquely, the AbZorber components work within the normal mains voltages up to 240V, 'mopping up' these residual effects of spike activity.  As far as we are aware, no other product does this.

Abzorber graph

The top graph show a simulation of spike activity on the mains waveform, with spikes, represented by vertical lines, of 1000V. The lower graph shows a simulation of the effect of the AbZorber, showing the reduction in spike intensity.

What to use it with

Because the AbZorber technology is unique, it can be used either on its own, or alongside our other power conditioners; Fit an AbZorber and a Power Purifier together and you will create a really pure mains supply. For best results, plug in the AbZorber as close to your system as possible - a spare socket in the mains extension that powers your Hi-Fi system is ideal.

The AbZorber can be used with Hi-Fi and Home Cinema systems of all levels.

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