Step 4 - Hi-Fi Spike and surge Filters.


Key Points
• Effective spike and surge protection for your equipment
• Two models available: SuperClamp™ and the more powerful MegaClamp™
• Available as separate plug-in devices or built into selected complementary filters.



Mains spikes and surges come most obviously from lightning strikes but can also be caused by household equipment such as fluorescent lights, refrigerators and washing machines switching on and off.

The effect of spikes and surges on music.

You don't actually 'hear' high voltage spikes through your speakers but we believe you can hear their effect. In the presence of high spike activity, we've heard music sounding flatter, less dynamic and more distorted. Spikes can also shorten the life of your system. Our range of spike-protecting components are designed to improve the sound quality of your system by absorbing these spikes and surges.

Built in and stand-alone.

Our Hi-Fi mains conditioners - the Silencer, Mini Purifier and PowerPurifier - all incorporate our unique SuperClamps to protect your system from sound-degrading mains spikes. These can also be supplemented with our most powerful MegaClamps – units whose origins go back to providing protection for mobile phone transmission masts!

These products offer excellent protection against damage to your equipment but their primary function is to rid it of the audio-degrading effects of regular spike and surge activity that plagues your mains supply.



SuperClamps are plug-in devices designed to improve the sound of your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema by reducing the effects of mains voltage spikes. They're designed by us and offer a Russ Andrews SuperClampvery simple way to upgrade your system.

How the SuperClamp works

SuperClamps consist of two components – one a fast, solid state device culled from aerospace applications and the other a varistor to absorb the spike energy. These two components are mounted into a mains plug which you simply plug into a power socket (one close to your Hi-Fi system is ideal).

Nothing needs to be connected to the plug – they will work as long as the socket they are plugged into is switched on. We recommend replacing SuperClamp components every 5 years - click here to read our article about SuperClamp replacement.

SuperClamp is also available in a 2-way adaptor called the SuperCube. It's built into our Silencer, Mini Purifier, Power Purifier and X Blocks as standard, and available as an option on our PowerBar,  Evolution PowerKords and SuperKords.

Read more about SuperClamp here


MegaClamp™Russ Andrews MegaClamp

MegaClamps use components culled from the communications industry which are more effective at absorbing mains spike activity than anything we have tested before.

SImple plug in - complex protection.

The MegaClamp component is mounted in a 'wall-wart' type plug which simply needs to be plugged into a power socket close to your Hi-Fi system. A spare socket in your mains extension is ideal. This device is many times more effective than the SuperClamp and does not need to be replaced every five years.

MegaClamp is also available as an option fitted into the Mini Purifier and Power Purifier and comes fitted as standard in the Signature PowerBlock.

MegaClamp is also available in a 2-way adaptor called the MegaCube.

Find out more about MegaClamp here >>


MegaClamp Ultra™ and SuperClamp Ultra™

In their standard form, both our Clamps connect to the live and neutral plug terminations. The Ultra versions supplement this and are our very best performing spike and surge filters.

MegaClamp Ultra and SuperClamp Ultra both contain multiple Clamps and also employ a component that reduces spike activity on the earth, meaning that all three electrical poles are protected and filtered.

Read more about SuperClamp Ultra here and
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