How to upgrade your existing PowerKords™ to the new Evolution™ models.

Evolution PowerKords replace the older models of PowerKords, with Evolution-100 replacing the older PowerKord-100, the Evolution-300 replacing PowerKord-300 and so on. Owners of the PowerKord-100 (and the earlier Classic PowerKords) should upgrade to the Evolution-300; and owners of the PowerKord-300 and earlier Reference PowerKords should upgrade to the Evolution-500. Owners of the PowerKord-500 and older Signature PowerKords should upgrade to the SuperKords (but please see the modification section below regarding this).

Remember, our Cable Upgrade Scheme means that we will buy back your older PowerKords when moving up to the new model: if your older PowerKord is less than a year old, we will buy it back from you for 100% of the purchase price when moving up to the new model. If your cable is within two years old, you'll get 75%, and even if its over two years old and in good condition- no matter what its age - you'll still get up to 50% of the price you paid.

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Modification of your existing PowerKords to Evolution specification.

Owners of the older PowerKord-500s and Signature PowerKords, who are unable or do not wish to upgrade to the SuperKords can have their cables modified to add the new low-noise earth.

Sorry, but only  the PowerKord-500 and Signature PowerKords are suitable for conversion.

Modification pricing
(as of 18 December 2019 - phone us to confirm on 01539 797300)

PowerKord-500 to Evolution - includes new sleeving and earth
1m £116.00
1.5m £126.00
2m £136.00
Add £60 for AQ-RH mains plug

Signature PowerKord to Evolution - includes new sleeving, earth and AQ plug
1m £146.00
1.5m £156.00
2m £166.00
Add £60 for AQ-RH mains plug

Please contact us to arrange this service before sending your cables - the work will need to be scheduled in to ensure as fast a turnaround as possible.