How to upgrade your existing PowerKords™ to the new Evolution™ models.

Evolution PowerKords replace the older models of PowerKords, with Evolution-100 replacing the older PowerKord-100, the Evolution-300 replacing PowerKord-300 and so on.

Owners of the PowerKord-100 (and the earlier Classic PowerKords) should upgrade to the Evolution-300; and owners of the PowerKord-300 and earlier Reference PowerKords should upgrade to the Evolution-500.

Owners of the PowerKord-500 and older Signature PowerKords should upgrade to the EVO-S (but please see the modification section below regarding this).

Remember, our Cable Upgrade Scheme means that we will buy back your older PowerKords when moving up to the new model: if your older PowerKord is less than a year old, we will buy it back from you for 100% of the purchase price when moving up to the new model. If your cable is within two years old, you'll get 75%, and even if it's over two years old and in good condition - no matter what its age - you'll still get up to 50% of the price you paid.

Learn about our Upgrade Scheme

Modification of your existing PowerKords to Evolution specification.

Owners of the older PowerKord-500s and Signature PowerKords can have their cables modified to 'Evolution' status with the new low-induced noise earth arrangement and Noise-Reduction Sleeving.

Owners of Evolution-500 PowerKords can have their cables modified to EVO-S status.

Sorry, but only the Evolution-500 PowerKord, PowerKord-500 and Signature PowerKords are suitable for conversion.

Please contact us for a quote and/or to arrange this service before sending your cables - the work will need to be scheduled in to ensure as fast a turnaround as possible.