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used by Chris Kimsey

If you've yet to upgrade any of your power cables, fitting a YellO Power is the perfect place to start. YellO Power is perfect for any Hi-Fi or Home Cinema component, from sources - turntables, CD/DVD/Blu-ray players, streamers and so on - to preamps, integrated amps, power amps and TV screens.

YellO Power is also ideal to use with our PowerBar and X-Blocks mains extensions, providing an effective way of connecting them to the wall socket. And if you have any of our power conditioners or power supplies with an IEC socket, it's a good cable to connect those to the mains too.

About YellO's design

Featuring Kimber's unique woven cable design, YellO Power was one of our biggest selling cables and took on legendary status back in the 1990s. Now, to celebrate our 30th anniversary, we're bringing YellO Power back!.
YellO Power and our PowerBar

YellO Power Features

In addition to Kimber's unique woven design, YellO has eight high purity copper conductors - four live and four neutral woven around a central earth- insulated with PVC.

The cable is protected by a flexible braided sheathing and fitted with a high performance mains and IEC plugs.

YellO Power is available with UK, Euro (Schuko) and USA mains plugs. UK versions incorporate our own specification DCT 13A fuse.
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